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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I am trying to create a bot that will scrape whois registrar information from the following site: https://whois.icann.org/en It basically takes a list of website URLs and passes them into the site. Once it does that it will scrape the email address off from the site based on the contact information presented. The bot is fairly simple but I've been running into some bot breaking glitches that won't allow the bot to run past around 1400 results. I can leave the bot on running for several thousand results but after around 1400, it'll stop scrapping the email addresses and saving them
  2. Hello, I have purchased the developer edition of ubot and I have been creating bots for around a month now. With small bots everything seems to be working fine. My problem is when I start creating a little more complex bot. When I compile them, they seem to freeze after some time. I run test 3-4 times and they work just fine. But after that, in the 5th or 6th trial, the bots freeze and i have to close them using the task manager. I have read in older posts that the bots freeze out of nowhere, is it still the same situation with all updates possible? My aim is to have some of the bots r
  3. I really hope one of you guys can help me. I have been building a single bot all day everyday since I brought UBot a month or 2 ago but while I was working on it UBot crashed and now the project file wont open, UBot crashes every time I try to open it. I have tried running UBot in compatibility mode and running as admin but I just cant get the file to open and really really dont want to lose this project. Any advice on how to open this file? Running: UBot 5.05 Windows 8.1 CPU i7 2600k 4.6ghz 16gb ram
  4. Hi, My bot keeps crashing when trying to run a loop in the script, its not just the script that crashes its UBot studio, I get "Ubot Studio Is Not Responding". I have tried to compile the bot and it still crashes when it gets to the loop part of the script. I will PM someone with my bot to try and diagnose my problem. Carl Smith
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