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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm encountering quite unusual issue with CPU consumption for a while now. In my venture to make the code less aggressive, I did literally everything I could thought off, but as it seems to no avail. I did a few additional patches and went to checking the bot's running process in the uBOT Studio software and thought I've resolved the issue given that uBOT was consuming up to 10% of CPU max. but usually it maintains just a few percent of CPU like 3-5%. When I proceeded to compile the same and run as a standalone BOT, the CPU consumption went up and kept it constantly ove
  2. Anyone have problems with image functions after compiling a bot? In UBOT 5 (latest version), I can use these image functions just fine such as "reduce image quality" and "add text to image". But, once compiled into exe, these functions don't work. Anyone have this problem and know of a fix? Thank you.
  3. Hi folks, does anyone know why the Chrome Browser always throws a WARNING "downloaded file is potientieally harmful" when: - downloading a compiled bot from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? - downloading a compiled installer .exe script from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? It looks like this: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-daarKD9UaMg/TZtdGDuxx3I/AAAAAAAC22k/4j6y3nM3MtE/s1600/warning.png I hope there is some kind of " work a round". Because it scares end users off to buy and use the software. Thanks for any backup on this.
  4. Hello Everyone, I recently finished a bot that works fine on my desktop & laptop (I have full ubot studio installed on each), but it will not get past the "Loading..." stage when running on my other laptop. I have ensured he has .net framework, google chrome browser and Windows 7 operating system and a strong connection to the internet. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Thanks
  5. Hey Guys, I'm using the installer feature on V5 for the first time and I'm running into this error code. Can anyone help me decipher the problem? http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/910/e81d03.jpg Thanks, Wize
  6. Dear Fellow Ubotters.... Anyone got any advice on how I could create clickable images on my compiled bots? thanks in advance! DD
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