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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Guys & Gals, Been a while since I've been around these parts, as I stopped using Ubot for HEAVY lifting. However, I still use it VERY frequently to help business automate daily activities. I'm getting back into with the release of Ubot X, but want to dip my toes in before converting anything over. We all know how well the last updates have solved the advanced users problems (Sarcasm). What I'm currently needing is a way to modify a good open source CRM to work with UBOT. So when a task is fired in the CRM, I can have it make UBOT perform a certain command. Looked at buildi
  2. How to get access to buy sell section http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/forum/22-buy-sell-free/, ?? Currently it shows me "you can not start a new topic" there
  3. Build Regular Expressions On The Fly With Regex Builder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msjOAwc28Ew Update Version 1.1 "Inline" Feature Below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqR40X1i_MY Edit your regex visually so it is much easierMost of the functions you need are built inUses look ahead/behinds and can create complex expressionsMade with Ubot Studio users in mind I suggest you know some regex while using this tool. While it can help you build faster and more powerful regular expressions it will not do all of the work for you. Make sure you watch the video to see how it works
  4. http://www.ubotem.com/banners/LicenseBundle-MOD-UBOTEM.gif http://www.ubotem.com/banners/downloadinstantly.gif This mod is designed for Ubot Developersā€¦ ** You MUST have UNLEASHED already installed and setup working first!!! ** ** Software Tool is now version 2 - Rebuilt by UBOTEM & BOTGURU ** OK first of all lets make sure you know what this MOD does.... IN A NUTSHELL... WITH THIS MOD INSTALLED: When someone buys your bundle item they will receive only one email (that you can customise like normal in UbotLocker/Unleashed), and they will get one license key that wi
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy 500+ different kinds of software. If you are are selling any between the price point of $1 - $20 let me know. The software that i'm looking for can fall under any category. SEO, SMM, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Wordpress etc etc etc. Also 6 months support for the software that you are selling is mandatory. P.S. - I do not want the source code, just the exe should be fine. Thanks Imran
  6. Hello, I just bought the Dev Version few weeks ago and want to use/buy some plugins. I want to : - do a google search - have the results displayed as a nice table ( column: website name, url, description ) - on that Table I should be able to : delete, open in a new tab or perform a custom action on the selected entry Which plugins should I use ? Datagrid, MysqlLite and some more ? Thanks !
  7. Hello all, I have my own store since 2013 and sell my products well (with no real advertising), and things are great Have recently had a few products on other major marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, WAR, and a few others Found listing in other places creates awareness for my main store and gets more products out their! BUT... Sometimes these marketplaces change their policies and practices and unfortunately most of my best selling products are not allowed any-more on some of these marketplaces (mainly due to my products being kick-ass scrapers!) Not too much of a bother, as just p
  8. I want my bot to be able to submit forms. I also want to work out (automatically) whether or not the bot was successful (whether or not the form actually was submitted). Here is an example: http://fraserellis.co.uk/contact-us/ So I need a way to monitor whether the JavaScript submit happens or not. Could this be done by monitoring the HTTP POST requests sent by the UBOT browser? Could this be done by inserting JavaScript into the page like this onsubumit function? function hello() { alert("The form was submitted");} var formS = document.getElementsByTagName("form");var form = form
  9. Help needed! I am happy to PayPal somebody some cash in exchange for good advice. Question: How can I combine multi-threading with multiple IP addresses? Some Context: I have been hired to build a Nike "add to cart bot". The bot navigates to Nike.com and adds designer sneakers to the cart. This will allow my client to ensure that his customers get access to limited addition products. The bot that I create will be multi-thread. I am looking to have ten browsers open. Each browser will navigate to the site and add the desired product to the cart. Bad Option #1: I do not want to n
  10. I am looking for some ubot codes that will allow me to upload my contacts from a CSV file to Yahoo Mail. This sounds extremely simple, but its complicated by the difficulty that ubot seems to have trouble dealing with popups. I have tried scraping the URLs and navigating, but that does not work for me. I would be really grateful to anybody who can work this out for me. I would be happy to pay a small fee. nedhulton@hotmail.com Skype: ned.hulton
  11. Hi guys oki I want to pay someone to make this for me because the way I'm doing it right now is way to long and frankly stupid I've used so many if else it's crazy Oki this is how I have my bot set up I have 70 sites they are under define command every individual site so I have define site1.com define site2.com etc the variables are collected from a csv file where I have all the info the csv file is set like this site1.com(which is the name of the define ) and then | username|password|title|description|text|etc So what I need is this if the csv file has 40 lines every line is referring to on
  12. Hello every one , I want a bot to run on my PC every 3 days to do in simple tasks on ONE site it takes under 30 seconds ( i already done the define to Navigate to the site and do the tasks ) i did it Because the site is NON English . I want 2 things OCR to solve the captcha ( if Possible ) see attached example photo . Do the Scheduler , with UBot V4 OR V5 (Important works properly without any ERRORs ) and but an If command if Succeed stop OR do it repeatedly until the site tasks done .If interested Please PM me with a quote . Thanks Bakr
  13. Do you have that bot that you just can't sell? Are you having trouble making money right now? Are you low in funding? Do you want to make the leap to professional or developer? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I can help you out! If you have a bot or program that you own, and you would like to sell me the reselling rights or the source code, I am most likely interested. To contact me, my email is: ptrick125 (@) gmail.com and my Skype ID (Preferred) is Ptrick.125 It is free to contact me, so do not hesitate!
  14. I recently purchased a few different YouTube programs, and I am currently in need of YouTube accounts. The guy on Fiverr delivered crap accounts, and I trust the sellers on uBot Forum a lot more.
  15. I'm looking for a bot that would automate directory and citation listings for a multi-location business. I have a list of 50+ national directores and 50+ industry specific directory listings i need to submit a 100 plus locations (and growing) to. it would be great if it would pull data fields from a csv filehandle bypasscaptchalook like a manual submissionimport pictureswork with HMAsubmit listing Can anyone help me? Let me know if interested.
  16. I need automation script for Google Š«ervice. If you are expert in UBot -> PM and I will send you detailed description. Thanks!
  17. Tweetz Twitter Dominator - Dominate Twitter Today - Fastest multi threaded Twitter Software for marketing and promoting to Twitter.com http://twittertweetdominator.com/images/twitter-dominator-header.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/images/feature1.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/images/feature2.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/images/testimonials.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/images/payment.jpg Quick Video Sample http://screencast.com/t/IrWE6JjrJv3Z
  18. Hey, first of all I am really interessted in this ubot studio. I have .net knowledge and some java skills. The problem is that it takes too long to navigate the web just with .net. It seems to be much easier with this ubot studio. I watched some of the ubot tutorials and was quite amazed. Since I am a college student I do not earn so much money but I definately want to have this great tool. I think I will buy the standard version first. My problem is that it seems a little limitted. I want to create a program which executes hidden und submits some information to a site. (Do I need the dev
  19. I am the MD of an online marketing agency, and I am looking at the potential to automate some of our tasks. I am tempted to try and dig into uBot and learn how to create some bots - but I haven't really got time - hence why I would like to find out who is out there that wants to earn a bit of money, and could help me. I would like to Hire a uBot specialist to help me initially with creating a uBot to : - Create 10 high pagerank web 2.0 blogs.- Delete hello posts, add some sidebar widgets, change blog/website template.- Create 2-5 pages with pre-written articles.- Use a mix of subdomai
  20. Hi I need a good Ubot user to make a bot for me. Please PM me. No time wasters. Thank you
  21. Need a Ubot Coder Hi, I am Planning to buy 2 bot which will be Multi-threated 1> Social Bookmarking in top 25 Social Bookmarking sites (eg: stumbleupon,reditt,slashdot etc) 2> Micro BLogging in top 25 Microblogging sites. (eg: Wordpress,blogger,site.google etc) Requements: 1> Multi-threated 2> Proxy supported 3> registration info can be scrap from fake name generator or by uploading a txt file 4> Disposable email account creation and using them for the registration 5> Email Verifier 4> auto login and posting 5> get the live links 6> Auto captcha option (captc
  22. I new to the forum and to Ubot. Just got my license a few days ago. I am learning my way around Ubot. So this bot you will build for my will be used for personal and learning purpose. You can read a little about me here is you want to. http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12257-hello-from-a-very-far-away-place/&do=findComment&comment=66231 So anyway, this is what I need. This bot will go to a classified web site, it will then go through the list of ads posted by users, I guess it will save each link on a list or so, then go to every single one of those ads, click in the c
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