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  1. That would be great. I am in. Also, for those that keep changing the bots: Keep track of what changes. I guess that a lot of sites will just cycle through some variables. ::emp::
  2. Yes, what is up with this, Seth? This should be easy to set up in .net, what gives? ::emp::
  3. This is a question of how this is implemented in uBot. Normally, this type of activity is not limited by processor speed (as LilyT suggests), but rather by space issues - memory. A spin basically takes up more and more space with levels / spins. The levels you are talking about are making up an insane amount of versions. If this is kept in RAM (as I assume), then this puts a limit on the spinning. Let your task manager run alongside and look what happens to the RAM usage. Example 1,2 Can make up the non-repeating combinations of 1,2 2,1 1,2,3 will lead to 6 combinations 1,
  4. Try the intitle: prefix and the quotes for that. So this would be the examples: intitle:"all in title" and "all in title" ::emp::
  5. Well, you could also just navigate to an URL at the start... ::emp::
  6. As far as I know, Seth is working on that. Right now, you can't start an uBot script via command line. ::emp::
  7. Actually, this sounds like a bug. ::emp::
  8. Well, changing an IP adress is best done by using a proxy service. uBot does provide that functionality, and it will also switch the IP in the middle of a script if asked. ::emp::
  9. The file seemed to have gotten lost during the transition, but alcr saved the day. Thanks alcr. ::emp::
  10. Regexes are very powerful, but also a pain to understand and write. Basically, regexes are a pattern language, that enables you to define patterns to search for. Simple example: a . in a regex can stand for ANY sign. a.c Would then find abc, a c, azc, aac, ahc, etc... a * stands for (any number of) so a.*c would find abc, but also azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzc etc... To learn and master regular expressions is an art in and of itself. I normally avoid them if I can. ::emp::
  11. Posting your questions in the forum will be much more worth your time. 1. Asynchronous communication - Get your questions answered while you sleep 2. Adding value to the community - by making the question and answers visible to all (also the development team) Other than that, you can TRY reaching me via empKAZ on AIM, keep in mind that I am in Europe, so good luck with that. ::emp::
  12. I will jump in for these 1) Can uBot created macros run in the background? It depends... Compiled uBot .exe files can run in the background, as can the uBot studio (lika any other program can) If you are talking about automatic / scheduled tasks, this is currently not possible, but is in the pipeline for development. 2) Can I sell ubot created software? Yes, you can. Some people are already making money from compiled uBot scripts. 3) Can the link in "Ubot Bot Creation Software" be removed? I saw it in the demo download. This is not possible as of now. It MIGHT be a future enhance
  13. No need to go into PHP for that Simple dos command appended with > (to route the output into a file) will do dir > myfile.txt Should make a handy list ::emp::
  14. You can use a GUI checkbox and then include it in an IF statement. ::emp::
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