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  1. Playing with it now, it seems pretty cool
  2. Awesome Nick, would be cool if ubot dev team added this functionality
  3. Great guy, great sourcecode buy the bundle it's a steal at the price Cheers Nick, you Rock!
  4. I always use useragent ie6 then twitter is your slave
  5. Totally awesome protection, was impressed with the ease of install and getting it up and running. Cheers Meter...You Rock!
  6. Hey, Ubotstudio has made me a lot of money, Ubots biggest fan is right...what "cuts it" at the end of the day is affiliates and a good rep. I have taken over 25K for a bot on the warrior forum and in total bots I've been involved with have made over 200K since 2010, I'm not bragging I'm just saying it is possible to do really well and I know there are other bot coders on this forum that have done much better than me. I am thinking we should get a collective together, a small group who can target the Warrior Forum and the Black Hat Scene, with our combined expertise we could do something specia
  7. I think this is a really interesting idea...and I'm pretty sure that the scripts already exist to set up such sites (I'm sure I looked at one). A paid membership would be a good idea, but how would this essentially differ from a site like vagex? You have got me thinking though, I'm sure there is something in this. I think what interests me is the idea of a collective...we really need to band together at the moment to counteract the evil "G" Cheers Rob
  8. Hi Guys, thought I'd show you one of mine, this is for a WSO that is going out in a week http://automatedtoolkit.com/images/social-master.jpg
  9. Hey Kreatus, sure I tried that...however I did get it to work using iphone as a useragent, will try ie6 again. Thanks mate Rob
  10. Hey guys, I've been using bots to add users and unfollow on twitter for some time. However recently I can't get the bot to click the twitter follow buttons...tried several things, but no joy. (fine on unfollow) I wondered if anyone knows how to activate the buttons by using Javascript...any input would be appreciated. Is it possible to activate the button by using the change attribute command? Cheers Rob
  11. Hey I like that bit of javascript...cheers John Another way of doing this would be to retrieve the feed from the Twitter API: here's how I do it: clear list(%userids) clear list(%usernames) set(#doctext, $read file("https://api.twitter.com/1/followers/ids.xml?cursor=-1&screen_name=tweetmagnate"), "Global") add list to list(%userids, $find regular expression(#doctext, "(?<=\\<id\\>).*(?=\\<)"), "Delete", "Global") loop(50) { navigate("http://twitter.com/account/redirect_by_id?id={$next list item(%userids)}", "Wait") add item to list(%usernames, $url, "Delete", "Glob
  12. Michel, This will not work in 4 as it will not accept localhost in the port placeholder, I assume it wants a numerical value like 80. Fine in 3.5 but not in 4. and thanks Duane i will try change proxy("None") Cheers Rob
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