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  1. Any News about that? I need this function really urgent, It's so much cheaper as 2captcha.
  2. It would be really great. I use Blazingseo OCR with "ReCaptcha - Audio" in a Software and it works really perfect and for me, it is much cheaper than 2captcha. Please try itself -
  3. Hi, any Plans to integrate Blazing OCR (http://blazingseollc.com/ocr/) ? Best also with the ReCaptcha - Audio trendco
  4. the only thing i can see is a POST to "http://IP-Adress-Router/cgi-bin/firmwarecfg" nothing more. >>This is not a "cannot click button issue" I guess this is more about Ubot handling pop ups issue but why does this work: set user agent("Internet Explorer 10") navigate("192.x.x.x?lp=bookLi","Wait") type text(<name="uiPass">,"my_password","Standard") click(<login button>,"Left Click","No") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded",5) wait for element(<onclick="saveFonbookLokal()">,"","Appear") click(<onclick="saveFonbookLokal()">,"Left Click","No") and this
  5. I have a Router from which i would download the Phonebook each Day. Type: "AVM 7490"
  6. please add me also: trend-coding thanks.
  7. I have the same Problem on a Site. If i right click and select 'run node', it works. If the Script ends after the Click Event, it works also if i run the whole Script. But if the Script have further Code (for example a wait or something else), it works not!? Whats the Problem there?
  8. Yes, i know that Only the Question, how long it still works so
  9. and what about those "I am not a Robot" Captchas? -> https://ourstage.com/register
  10. Hi, i there a way/Service to automatic solve "Puzzle-Captchas" like these: https://www.livejournal.com/create ? Alex
  11. "Speichern unter" "Dateiname:" "Speichern" I want to upload a Screenshot, how can i do that?
  12. Hi, i want to login into my Router and save the Phonebook. - Navigate to Router Page - Login - Navigate to Phonebook Section - Press "Save" Button works as it shoud. But when the "Save" Button is pressed, a new Window opened. There i tried to change the Filename with "set dialog text", but it does not work - nothing happens. And also with "click dialog button" (Cancel & Save) -> nothing happens. Where is the Porblem? Alex
  13. Is there no other possibility?
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