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  1. For the price diff better add more ram you don't need i7 on laptop. If money is not a problem go for i7
  2. Sounds good but i would replace the i7 with i5 and add 8g more ram and best choice would be ASUS
  3. ok lets do it google account and Gmail account are 2 dif things You don't need phone confirm to create google account-only gmail. BUT Google acc is equal to youtube. ????got the point? Check it
  4. Try to play with the CONTRAST & BRIGHTNESS values of your monitor-if you are not sure start with 0:0 and your problems with ubot are gone.
  5. Hi bangali_beta! No intend to being rude here but You post very long posts and try to suggest how Seth should run his business- that ain't gonna happen (period). If u have questions about how to complete a particular task here u my find answers. If u complain about features there is a separate section for that and if Seth finds Your suggestion doable You are lucky guy. Back to your post title dev allows You to design and brand your soft as You wish and You have more control and features. Some people are happy even with the Pro ver. so it is up to You to decide which one will serve your need
  6. vars should work just as manual input. If not contact support.
  7. Universal Bot is how he describes it in his interview with a German SEO blog on his visit in Germany. It is in the blog section if someone is interested in. Besides if he knew what U-Boot means in German he wouldn't implement Awesomium in Ubot .
  8. if the login is incorrect try the next login info ???? Every big site will redirect u to a captcha or forgot password screen after 3 or 4 attempts from my point of view this is useless to code that way but you probably know what are you doing.
  9. às its CSV in this case instead of comma its : he can't do it with next list item he needs to load in table first to separate user and password as u suggested in your first post.
  10. inside ubot browser right click on the image and in the options select click. then in the node view while still <innertext=" 17,395 points"> is highlighted select the purple wheel and in the popup window where it says attributes scroll down to ID and press ok. In node view select advanced and in click using location select yes. That will give u the unique img id like <id="prn0i"> or <id="eN6ETzL"> code should look like this click(<id="eN6ETzL">,"Left Click","Yes") click(<id="ZotFLAZ">,"Left Click","Yes")
  11. Hi John! Find a new social network like Tsu for example. Get some money making book with Master resell rights . Put it on the net with a squeeze page with your PayPal redirect button. Make a bot that will comment or send to all users ina this social network based on keywords. That is a start from nothing. Do not start with FB u'll get burned fast. Important before spamming: CHECK POST LIMITS OR COMMENT LIMITS PER DAY AND MAKE THE BOT TO SEND LESS THAN IT PER DAY.
  12. download ubot(again) uninstall older ver. install again if it still hangs Pm me i'll help u> It should work we all have it for years even if we face issues. As u can see in my profile i am from Bulgaria so don't hesitate to approach me. Many have helped me so help will be given to you as well. PM if needed.
  13. {$plugin function("Advanced.File.dll", "File Compare", "file a", "file b", "Remove duplicates")}", http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/15579-free-plugin-advanced-file-clipboardhandle-big-lists-in-text-files-and-more/
  14. Petko install all what abbas786 said. Restart comp. Pone updejtni .net i restartiraj.
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