Thread Spawn and Cookie Control in UBot Studio Stealth

The UBot Team has been working nonstop to bring you the next incredible version of UBot Studio….

UBot Studio Stealth is feature-complete and users are beta testing now. Bringing you an entirely new browser, plus headless browsing features has been a serious undertaking. I wanted to show off a few of the features before we do the full release.

Find multi-threading complicated?

Check out thread spawn.

One of the most common feature requests has been to simplify threading. Threading is one of programming’s most complicated aspects – developers have been trying to wring more performance out of their software ever since software was invented.

Well, we’ve made it so that anyone with Professional should have no trouble using simple threading commands with thread spawn.

Check out this old multi-thread code, which is 71 lines long. It basically opens 5 new browsers, navigates to a page, then does that again 5 more times. This requires 5 thread commands with 5 loops.

But with thread spawn, you simply explain how many threads you want total, and how many you want to run concurrently, and UBot Studio does the rest. Thread spawn cut that code down over 75%. Check it out:

From 70+ lines of code to under 17.

Next up is the delicious new Cookie Control.

With just a few simple commands you can now grab all your cookies, save them, edit them, and more.

These Cookie Control commands will join the advanced math, charting, list, table, and other commands in the Bot Bank. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll have Advanced Cookie Control.

UBot Studio Stealth is almost ready – we’re just making sure it’s as polished as possible. I hope you are as excited as I am.



Introducing UBot Studio – Stealth

It’s finally here. I am very excited to reveal what we’ve been working on the past few months.

ubot stealth logo

The major feature updates are below – the first, and biggest, being that this version of UBot Studio will use a new browser engine. We’ve taken all the great things you’ve loved about UBot Studio and made them even better, AND rebuilt the engine.

Here’s a short video explaining all the new features – with more information below.

 Brand New, Super Fast Browsing Engine (all Editions)

In UBot Studio 5.5 and onward, you can automate nearly everything. That said, it had some limitations when it came to working with HTML 5. But starting with UBot Studio Stealth, you can rest assured that you will have access to the most advanced, bleeding edge browser technology currently available. We switched from Awesomium to CEF to remain light on our feet, and keep up with the latest versions of chrome.. One reason we chose CEF in particular is that there are currently over 100 million installed instances of CEF around the world, embedded in products from a wide range of companies and industries. A partial list of companies and products using CEF is available on the CEF Wikipedia page, but includes Spotify, Slack, Adobe, and Facebook.

Headless Browsing (Developer Edition)

Your competitors will fear headless browsing the way Ichibod Crane fears the Headless Horseman. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about headless browsers by now. Imagine a bot with full access to all the complexities of javascript and HTML5, but with none of the overhead that it takes to continuously visually render each page.

But here’s the beautiful part – with UBot Studio Stealth, you can create headless bots as quickly and easily as you’d create any other bot in UBot Studio – by simply dragging and dropping from a live browser. And then, once your bot is ready to fly, simply switch it into headless mode, and taste the lightness and quickness of a headless bot. Headless botting is the future – and it’s a future that UBot Studio Stealth fearlessly embraces. Oh, and you will also be able to compile entirely hidden bots with Dev, so not only can it run headless, but hidden, also.

 Cookie Control (Professional Edition)

Websites do everything they can to track your information, tell you what you can and can’t do, and manipulate your experience by using cookies. With UBot Studio Stealth, cookies are completely under your control. Our cookie control feature lets you separate, swap, save, browse, clear, and load cookies for individual users and sessions. Store cookies locally and reuse them at any time, or create your own cookies on the fly. UBot Studio Stealth gives YOU the power and flexibility to determine how cookies are handled in your browser.

 Useragent, Referrer, and any Header Control (Professional Edition)

Of course, cookies can only carry you so far. To control how a browser sees you at the most fundamental level, UBot Studio Stealth allows you to rewrite http headers. From referrer, to useragent, to all the obscure headers that browsers trade back and forth with web sites, you now have the power to fully control how a web page sees you.

 Threadspawn (Professional Edition)

Ask a programmer what the hardest area of programming is, and there’s a good chance they’ll say “multithreading”. Ask what the most powerful area of programming is, and you might get the same answer. Multithreading is extremely valuable, but continually brain fucks even the most seasoned computer scientists. UBot Studio Stealth introduces the ThreadSpawn system – a tool that allows you to write ubot scripts with the same drag and drop simplicity you expect, and instantly spawn as many threads as you desire. All of the power of multithreaded bots, none of the headache.

And yes, you can even multithread headless bots.

UBot Studio Stealth is now in beta, and will be released later this month.

I hope you’ll join us.




Don’t look a List horse in the mouth

Hi folks! Today we’re going to dive into the warm tropical waters of basic computer science data structures! “But Seth, I thought UBot Studio required no programming experience!” That’s true, but programming knowledge, in any form, will make you a better botter. Besides, this is easier stuff, so quit complaining.


Queues and Stacks


As you already know, in UBot Studio, we have lists. In computer science, we also have lists. But computer science also gives us some variations of lists that come in handy in certain situations. One such variation is called a stack.



In a stack, you can only add new items to the top. When we add new items to the top, we “push” the item from the stack. When we “pop” an item from a stack, we’re removing the top item and returning it. You can imagine the stack of dirty magazines. When a new dirty magazine arrives in the mail, you “push” it to the top of the stack. When you’re ready to look at a dirty magazine, you “pop” the topmost magazine, read it for the articles, and promptly discard it. Or if you prefer, it’s how a cat eats pancakes.

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Be Still, My Beating Chart

Data. Wow. The web has a lot of data. Around 1.2 zettabytes. It can all be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you have no way to visualize it. If only UBot Studio had a way to visualize data. Oh, right, it does! Be still, my beating chart!

So how do we make a chart in UBot Studio? Simple, just open up the bot bank, open the “Charting” category, and drag a chart command into the script.


Give it a useful name, because the name will be used in the chart itself. As you can see, once you hit “ok”, a new tab is created beside the browser.

But a chart with no data is like a bowl with no salsa. Let’s put some data in there. Paste the following code into your script:

 clear all data
 loop(20) {
 add item to list(%data,$rand(1,100),"Don't Delete","Global")

This bit of code just creates a list called %data, and fills it with 20 random numbers. Let’s give it a quick run.

Great, now we have have some data to put in our chart, and some salsa to put in our bowl. Next we’re going to drag a plot command into our chart command. We’ll set the Data parameter to our %data list, and the plot type to bar graph.

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