AVG False Warning Issue Solved

Guys — we have been working with AVG for last few days to solve the warning their software was giving when some of you ran UBot. They confirmed it was a False Alarm and promised to fix it in their next update.

While we did have a temporary fix for the problem, but we are glad to announce that AVG has fixed in their latest updated. If you are still having problems, please update to the latest version of AVG or contact us.

Is UBot Different From Macro Software in Market?

One question we frequently get is that how is UBot any different from the Macro Software available in market such as iMacro. The answer is that UBot allows for a lot more features that no other software in the market can match for the price we offer.

To answer this question in more details, I would reprint a review that one of customers (guerilla) had written —

I got the software, installed it, watched the videos and proceeded to automate login and account manipulation on a popular Web 2.0 CMS.

What UBot has that others I have seen do not, is the ability to import and export (share) bots, and to compile bots into standalone apps. Consider that you can compile your bots, and give them to your VAs to run. No complicated software setup, no additional licenses, and less training and documentation which is handy when outsourcing to the less tech savvy. Use a particular bot or technique up? Sell it to someone.

Since Lord Brar already covered some of the things I had in my review, and erect asked for a point of reference with iMacros, I’ve made a switch to my review.

Key differences between iMacros and Ubot.

iMacros is a simple tool. It is easy to use, but its ease of use is also its limitation. There are a lot of things you can’t do with iMacros that can be done easily with UBot.

UBot can handle conditionals. Ubot can pull from multiple datasources. Ubot can nest loops, and execute different length loops within the same bot. Ubot has some built in randomization functions.

Most importantly for those of us who have used iMacros a lot, Ubot allows finer selection of page elements to interact with. iMacros fudges with tag position, where Ubot expects you to pick elements by unique attributes. Every once in awhile, iMacros will just fail with tag selection, particularly where Ajax or complex CSS is used. UBot has much better Ajax handling in my opinion.

Another difference is that iMacros runs from a text script recorded in real time, and then edited by hand. Ubot uses VSL (Visual Scripting Language) which lays out a flow in graphical format, which is (in my opinion) easier to follow, particularly through complex routines. It takes longer to create a bot in UBot, but it is much easier and quicker to edit than iMacros, which is only fast when recording, as the macro code generation is not particularly intuitive.

UBot is very impressive. I can’t believe Seth is selling it at such a low price. I’ve seen similar russian software which sells for 4 times as much.

There is a learning curve to Ubot but I don’t see that as a negative. I plan to get even more stuck into it next month and participate on the Ubot forums.

To purchase a copy of UBot for less than 68 cents a day click here.