For almost a decade, UBot Studio has been a standalone web automation platform—the best on the market.

But soon, it will become a whole lot more.



When we release Ubot Studio X later this month, you’ll be able to control more than just the built-in UBot Studio browser.

UBot Studio X will turn your favorite browser into a web automation powerhouse by adding the ability to use Chrome, Firefox, or PhantomJS right inside of UBot Studio X—without needing to learn any new, complicated commands.

Without rewriting any of your bots, you’ll now be able to choose from Chrome, Firefox, or PhantomJS right inside of UBot Studio.

Work with all the core commands, native UBot Studio selectors, and UBot Studio AI.

There’s nothing new to learn—just a simple way to triple your automation power.

We’ve been eXcited about this for a long time., but keeping it quiet until we were almost ready.  People have been asking for a long time if we could add this feature—and we wanted to get it right. So we spent the last year working on it, and updating the UBot Studio core, and now that it’s done I couldn’t be more proud.

UBot Studio X will have the power, flexibility, and stability you need to take on any automation task in 2019 and beyond.  

It’s time to bring out the big guns, and use up to 4 different browsers to automate the web—all with the easiest to use, most powerful web automation platform on the market.

UBot Studio X: Coming September 2018.

Published by Seth Turin

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