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I can get the code for invisible recaptcha v2 with 2captcha.com + plugin..

but my target site is not the traditioanl format 2 captcha explain,,

I want to get the input area to solve captcha

Is there anyone who can solve this? target site is band.us to join

what I did until now..

add list to list(%Debug,$list from text($plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", "access key", "6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF", "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/bframe?hl=ko&v=npGaewopg1UaB8CNtYfx-y1j&k=6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF&cb=4w5qwjxk2ruc", "", "", 50, 120, "", "", "", "Invisible"),$new line),"Delete","Global")

comment("how to send the captcha result to hidden area?")

if($comparison($list total(%Debug),">",1)) {
    then {
        run javascript("document.getElementById(\"g-recaptcha-response\").innerHTML=\"{$list item(%Debug,1)}\";")
        run javascript("document.getElementById(\"email_sign_up_form\").submit();")
    else {

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