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  1. I've contacted support multiple times, and they say they'll reach the higher ups. However, I am left with no answer, and a very expensive unusable software. I've rolled back to 6.1.14 because I've read others saying that's much more stable than the latest 6.3.9. However I cannot even run a VERY basic script that just adds a random number into a list, and a ui stat monitor to show that things are being added to a list: ui stat monitor("List",$list total(%list)) ui button("Clear List") { clear list(%list) } ui button("Add To List") { add item to list(%list,$rand(0,9999),"Don
  2. How do you install that version? When I start with a fresh download, and install the provided link, it downloads the latest software when I open ubot. Then i'm stuck at 6.3.9 after a clean installation of the 6.1.14 link edit: nvm, I didnt delete my account txt file in %appdata%
  3. I have been working on a bot the past week and am using the download youtube video command, I just found out today after compiling that it is NOT downloading in the compiled bot, only within ubot when its open. Is this a known issue, and what can I do to solve this?
  4. Anyone else getting this? I'm getting the following message when loading every thread I try to load: There appears to be an error with the database.If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here
  5. Is there any way to automate these types of captchas using ubot?
  6. I've searched around a bit but couldn't find any such plugins (or any method really) to download videos from sites (mostly adult sites) however youtube could be useful as well.
  7. I noticed when I download from ubot file commands it goes pretty slow. If im using an external download that can increase threads (jdownloader for example) I can increase the threads its using to download one file, and it goes MUCH faster. Is there anything like this that im missing where I can increase the threads to download one file to speed up these downloads?
  8. It happens randomly when loading a kindle ebook. I get the message "we're sorry. kindle cloud reader is not currently available on this browser" I've tried the obvious switching between between different useragents, but no luck.
  9. UBot is meant to automate. My flash cookies are deleted, and using PVA accounts has nothing to do with this, this is a software issue. (I am testing using PVA accounts anyways)
  10. It seems ubot is having issues with commenting on youtube and I cant find a way around it, anyone else run into this? You have to scroll down for the comment box to load which I have implemented but the actual typing in the comment box is the problem. I've tried changing useragents and found the following. IE6 - The comment box loads, but after you click the comment box to type, it just sits there, you cant type into it. IE10, Chrome and similar - Sits there loading indefinitely Firefix - It works, but for some reason it loads flash videos even if flash is disabled, and after about 25-30 v
  11. I've done both of these things, specifically this occurs to me when trying to post on backpage, or trying to register on soundcloud. Luckily when I change the useragent to that of a mobile one it works fine. But im worried about any future sites I might run into where this might occur and changing useragent to some type of mobile one wont fix it!
  12. Recently Ive noticed recaptcha just loads as a white box within ubot, anyone else having this problem? Ive tried this in both V4 and V5 along with a few webpages
  13. I keep trying to go back to V5, but V4 simply is less buggy, and runs my bots a lot smoother/better.
  14. I'm having the exact same problem, and similar issues with other sites too.. When I manually click things will work normally, but automation through ubot appears to work but really isnt. Very odd, wish I knew a way to get around this!
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