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  1. I have been searching the forum for topic like this, trying ubot website, there is no where info how to retrieve lost id and password. Been searching my mail and cant find login data there either, so basically i feel lost...
  2. I guess he meant multithreading form submit with multi tabs, like senuke does for example, would be neat to have in ubot for faster job.
  3. The guy also mentions Ubot but the funny part comes when he starts talking how ubot crashes and doesnt work Obviously he downloaded cracked version from some of the forums well known to him, lol at least he could buy it and refund after testing And yes i dont really think he is expert for real, at all
  4. yeah i think this is the most simple workaround till this is fixed, thanks
  5. actually thats great idea with relevance and google
  6. When i use checkbox it works perfect in ubot code, soon as i compile it it seems the exe ignores the if and evaluate checkbox false or true part inside. Anyone else experienced this? So for example, i have checkbox that sets ubot to use or not to use decaptcher. Chose by attribute(captcha image) if #decaptchervariable - evaulate = true use - decaptcher this image if #decaptchervariable - evaulate = false use - decode this captcha manually chose by attribute captcha enter text field change chosen attribute to $captcha I tested this inside ubot dev tools wit
  7. Yep, forwarding is for mail plus in yahoo, but its not really needed anyway. Btw crazyflx i recommend you to use youtube annotations, that way you can add text to specific part of video whenever its needed.
  8. Nvm, figured it out, evaluate = False or True solves it
  9. So, right now i have a huge bot that i dont know what it doesnt do and i feel stupid seeing this little thing makes me ask for help. Its about check box. I just dont get it how to use it with if command. For example to navigate to google if its true and to nav to yahoo if its false?
  10. Did you set list position to 1? Remember that it starts with 0,1,2,3,4 etc... Still i see no need to set list position to anything when creating new list since it starts with first place by default so just try to remove any set list positions Othr then that you might be adding something to list that has no value or seems blank to ubot and it just adds blank space, thats my guess.
  11. why not simply make a list for urls and another list for login data? that way you can use next list item
  12. If you need help, brainstorm things doable with ubot or just chill come to #ubotting on freenode I hope more people will come, its pretty empty atm
  13. just save it to .txt file without commas?
  14. All i care about is that it recognizes and enters captcha, if it moves it anywhere i couldnt care less So if brute force doesnt work, no brute force will, rinse and repeat
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