On the internet, there’s 500,000,000,000 GB of data. When you distill down the data you need, chances are that it won’t fit into a CSV.

But somewhere in that data is the secret of the universe, and also, every dollar you’ll ever make online. See, databases are boring in the same way that sports statistics are boring. But what they represent is amazing. Facebook and Google became internet giants by dissecting, digesting, and dominating incomprehensible amounts of data.

To truly take advantage of how much incredible free information there is, and even to manage your own data, you’re going to need to be smart and use every tool available to your advantage. To compare customers, the products they bought, and purchase dates, or websites you own and keywords you’re trying to rank for, or competitor URLs, pricing, and scan dates, you’re going to have to go beyond the Excel spreadsheet. For instant data connectivity, for updates that you can see immediately on a server, for running comparisons of tables together, and for uncovering the secrets inside all that data, you’re going to have to become a data guru.

And for that, a SQL database is like a magic wand.

When you wave it in the right pattern, gold comes out.

We got several requests for additional SQL server interactivity beyond the MySQL that’s already in UBot Studio, so we’ll be adding SQL Server and SQLite to UBot Studio 5.

Hope you enjoy.

– Seth





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  1. Nice… waiting for the release.. finger crossed


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