Some people say it was better back in the old days. “People had manners!” “Summers weren’t so hot!” “UBot had sockets!”

Thanks to popular demand, we’ve brought back this advanced feature from UBot Studio 3.5 for UBot Studio 5.

Here’s why: After asking just a few users how sockets would help them, I got this answer:“I can scrape 1000 results from Google, Yahoo and Bing in about 20 seconds …And I never seem to get cut off.”

Using the socket container command is like opening a new browser window, except there’s no visual representation–it’s pure text. It’s like connecting directly to The Matrix. There’s a way to do this in UBot Studio inside of a hidden browser window, but that often uses extra resources. While using sockets isn’t for everyone, and is definitely an advanced tool, you should consider them for some applications because

1. Sockets are lightweight. 
2. They are extremely fast.
3. You can scale them up a lot. 

You can multithread more easily, complete more tasks at once, and generally build more powerful tools that are as effective as anything a programmer could create. It’s not exactly the same feature from UBot Studio 3.5–we’ve made it more stable. But be warned — it takes a bit more programming knowledge. You’ll want to use this one with caution.

Hope you enjoy.

Published by Seth Turin


  1. Awesome feature Seth. UBot just keeps getting better and better.

  2. damn this is what i was looking sockets…. now i can built my application cool sethz.. please if ubot 5 beta is ready 😀 launch cant wait ; D


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