So, you’ve purchased UBot Studio and you’ve built your first bot. You were gonna compile it and move on. But wait – your bot and you have so much more to do.

Don’t stop there. This is just the beginning of your journey – a journey that thousands of others have gone on, and which we’ve watched, and taken notes, to help perfect. This blog post will help you along the path.

First – Why would I want to make money with my bots?

Now that you’ve started building bots, you’re in an elite club of people. Bot builders can make something extremely valuable in just a short time, especially if they have time-saving tools like UBot Studio. You’ve paid for a shortcut – so take advantage of it!

I bet you’ve got a few ideas that aren’t currently making you any money at all. This is the time to put them to use. And make money.

Here’s a good example.

A few days ago, I was trying to find a way to download every image in a particular category from Reddit. Reddit has an API – But I don’t know programming (not exactly, anyway)! I’ve just got UBot Studio. I looked around for free software to do it, but I couldn’t find any – everyone wanted me to pay $10 or more for something that I knew I could build in UBot Studio.

All this bot needs to do is go to this particular website, click a few links, and save a few images, and do that over and over. This is basic bot building that any UBotter could do.

And people all over the world are paying $10 for a bot that does that.

So what if I built that bot and charged $3? 

You guessed it – I’d make a lot of people happy, and make money in the process.

Now then – where can you get ideas to make these bots?  

Here’s just a few places:

  1. – all these are programs that someone currently gives away for free, but charges for an upgrade. Why not build a better version and charge $1? Just a few examples here would be great UBot bots – a bartender program could EASILY be made in UBot (“BarBot”); Video downloaders would be a snap; etc!
  2. Think about what your friends do online. Poll them. Ask if there’s anything they wish was just a little easier. A site that doesn’t work quite right, a product that is almost there. Fix it with a bot, or build a better one!
  3. Search for the word bot. See what people are buying. See what people want. If you put “Bot” at the end of pretty much any popular website or general category of merchandise, it’s probably a thing someone will pay for. CouponBot (Yup), DatingBot (Definitely Yup), TwitterBot (there are literally hundreds), PortmanteauBot (that is a bad joke). Half the fun in this is figuring out what people are using bots for!
  4. Check out freeware – just because it’s free doesn’t mean people won’t pay for it if you build a better version! Here’s a few great sites to look it up on:
  5. And lastly – don’t forget to put your bot in our store. We can make money for you! Just enter your affiliate number by the link you clicked, and you’ll get that commission.

What’s my affiliate number? Why would I want to include it?

Your affiliate number is on your affiliate dashboard. Look under the section labeled SubAffiliate Link:

Subaffiliate Link

In this case, the # is 2043.

The reason to include this number is that the bots you compile will have a small link in the top right corner that will credit you when your someone clicks it and ends up back at the UBot Studio site. And you don’t want to miss out on all those sweet, sweet commissions (starting out at 20% per sale, which is at least $60).

(Not an affiliate? Sign up here in just two minutes!)

Affiliate marketing is easier than most people realize. We’ve got a Store ready for you to put your bots in, whether you want to sell them or give them away for free, so you don’t even have to create a storefront.

What I’m saying is – you should sell your bots because it’s fun, easy, and profitable.

Any questions?

Let us know in the comments!




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