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With UBot Studio Stealth, we wanted to give you more than just the top-of-the-line feature that lots of people are talking about: Headless browsing. We wanted to give it to you in typical UBot Studio fashion – we made it simpler to use than anything else out there.

‘Headless’ browsing means that your bot doesn’t have a graphical interface. This makes it faster – if it’s connecting without rendering HTML and loading images, for example, it’ll speed things up as it’s moving along the web. While not loading images, Javascript, CSS, and Flash are features that UBot has had for a while, combining them into a single “headless” option for simplicity was the best thing we could do to make sure everyone knew how to join this new modern age of headless botting.

So simply drop the “run headless” command into your script for scary-fast automation.


And what’s this about …setting your headers?

Simply use the “set header” command and you can choose any arbitrary header you want. What’s a header? When you connect to a website, all the information you give about yourself is the header – the user agent (browser type) and everything else. In stealth, you can rewrite the fundamental connection variables that your bots communicate to servers with.

With set header, you can choose whatever headers you want.

PS – here’s a link to “HTTP Headers for dummies”.  Just, you know, in case.

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