After weeks of development, hundreds of bugs, hundreds of fixes, the pain and the joy of the debugging process, customers hesitant to change, customers overjoyed with raw power and speed of the new system, and a few thousand lines of code, I think we’re just about ready to unleash 3.3 stable on an eager public. To those who are using the betas, please keep a hawk-eye out for bugs from here until the stable version is released, and report any glitches that will hold back the stable status.

If you’re used to the 3.1 system and the 3.3 system seems different and like it may take some getting used to, keep an eye out, as we will release a few videos to show the major changes and assist in making sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

I want to let you all know that we truly appreciate all the feedback that we’ve gotten during the creation of UBot Studio 3.3. Your feedback has allowed us to create a powerful and structurally sound piece of software that’s built around your needs. Keep letting us know how we can improve UBot Studio and we will keep revolutionizing the field of internet marketing.

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