I have recently been in Europe for some business and have been traveling to Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Cologne. It has been a crazy ride till now – working, partying and loads of beer.

Beyond all the fun and work, I was approached by a German Super-SEO during one of the events and he wanted to interview me regarding UBot Studio.

Loving Germany and everything about it (including its SEOs), I could not help but oblige. The interview is going to be translated into German and posted on one of the top-german SEO blog.

Obviously I can’t sneak-out everything I wrote there but you can take a peek-a-boo into the juicy bits. Read on!

So you developed a tool that automates any task you can do with your browser? We all have those headaches about doing the same boring and stupid tasks every day again and again. How does your tool help us?

Absolutely! As a rule of thumb, if you can do it in a browser, you can automate it with UBot Studio. To give you a quick history lesson — the technical team behind UBot Studio essentially got started by building bots for MySpace “marketing” back in the days.

And it was not just MySpace – we were making bots for all kind of things. Doing this, we realized that most bots had certain recurring threads – browser operations, form filling / submission, CAPTCHA solving, proxies integration, page scraping, database integration, emailing etc.

UBot Studio or Universal-Bot Studio is a product of this realization. So rather than build every new bot from scratch, we started out to build a platform with which we could use to expedite the process of developing our bots. Initially it was a purely an internal thing — and it changed the whole game for us.

Later when we shared the software with our friends, we discovered an excitement among them that we had never seen before. This encouraged us to develop it into a standalone product.

There are hardly any software like UBot Studio in the market. You either need to learn programming yourself or hire an experienced programmer — both are expensive prepositions. We wanted it to be easy enough to be used by anyone with no programming experience (truth be told, that was more due to us not wanting to spend too much time teaching it to our unpaid slaves err. I mean interns).

And today after years of constant evolution and thousands of customers later, UBot Studio is perhaps the most user-friendly, easy to use and an extremely powerful automation tool designed with the exact needs of marketers and entrepreneurs in mind.

Don’t take my word for it though, try it yourself – you will be hooked and will perhaps never have to buy any other marketing software on the market (you can make most of them with UBot Studio).

Do you think automation is the key for expanding your SEO empire? Why?

Not just automation but delegation and automation are the keys to expand virtually any business. There are some thing which you can’t automate – in those cases you need to delegate them. But what you can automate is always cheaper and far more efficient in long run.

This definitely applies to your SEO empire too. There are so many repetitive things that you need to be doing to stay on the top of the rankings – link building, competitor research, niches research, content distribution, updating fresh content, setting up internal networks etc.

These are all processes which you can turn into systems with logical steps which can be automated with UBot Studio. In simpler words, you could be doing far more important things to grow your business and let your bots do the repetitive stuff.

Is it more black or white hat?

UBot Studio is not inherently a Blackhat or Whitehat tool. It is simply an automation tool. You can use it to automate virtually any kind of marketing methods – whitehat SEO, blackhat SEO, research, PPC, media buys and you name it!

Are there any other tools like your’s around? What’s the difference to your tool?

There are indeed some general automation tools available in the market, which let you automate windows processes. But the main difference between those automation tools and UBot Studio is that we are not trying to be a one size fits all automation solution like others.

UBot Studio specializes in automation and manipulation of marketing operations and browser automations. We build our features keeping in mind the requirements of marketers and those who need browser automation / manipulation.

UBot Studio has built-in support for form filling shortcuts, proxy flipping, captcha outsourcing, independent bot compiling (with UI) and a lot other stuff that marketers and businesses need to make their browser automation as smooth and powerful as possible without much effort.

Comparison of UBot Studio with other automation software has been matter of discussion on a lot of marketing forums. Here are two links comparing it to Macro Software – Link #1 and Link #2.

Thinking of bots for e.g. Wikipedia re-posting your deleted links again and again – what kind of feeling do you have about that regarding business ethics? Do you think people trust Wikipedia as a resource of proved knowledge and useful links?

Well, that is no different than SEO in general. People expect Google to be the best source for information for most keywords — and it does a pretty good job at that in general considering all the spam we SEOs try to sling at it.

Same with wikipedia — the bot you mention just does the job of automating the posting of your links to thousands of Wikipedia pages. If you try and post crappy links, someone will delete them – but if your links are good, they will stay there and you will get good traffic. UBot Studio is not about doing evil stuff but rather making your life easy and more efficient.

How can I use the tool for link building?

You can do all kind of things to do link building with UBot Studio including directory submissions, social media, social bookmarking, blog networks, article submissions, link-wheels and you name it!

Can I automate my link exchanges too?

Yes. You most definitely can.

How does the mystical CAPTCHA solving feature work?

Well, there is nothing really mystical about CAPTCHA solving. We just make your botting far more efficient by having a in-built CAPTCHA outsourcing solution. I wish we had a solution to automatically solve CAPTCHAs but they are best solved by cheap human-slaves.

With UBot Studio, you will not have to do anything complex to integrate CAPTCHA outsourcing — just a few clicks and you are all set to turn on the “true-autopilot mode”. And the way this system is designed, you can use it with any CAPTCHA outsourcing company out there.

So essentially what happens is that when you are making a bot where it might encounter a CAPTCHA (which is pretty much everything these days) , you can have the CAPTCHA solving feature to automatically take the CAPTCHA image, send it over to the outsourcing company, get the response to that CAPTCHA and posting it in the form – all with just three clicks.

What is “proxy flipping”?

Just as you would expect from the name, this feature lets you flip through / rotate proxies — either periodically or when certain conditions are met.

For example, if you are creating accounts on a particular site and you don’t want more than 5 accounts to be created from a particular IP, you can activate the Proxy Flipping feature to rotate the proxy right after those 5 accounts are created and activated by your bot.

Did any user of your tool ever got into trouble by using UBot?

Not really. UBot Studio doesn’t have any footprint and uses the Internet Explorer engine to perform all the actions. As UBot Studio gives you the ability to make your own bots and perform any action the way you want it to perform – you have to be smart about it. However, you will not get into any issues just for using UBot Studio.

What are your plans for the next steps getting closer to your goals?

Live to my motto – do, drop or delegate. And to always keep moving forward.


Well, there you have it – the juicy bits of the interview. I hope you liked it — and I hope that some np german mobsters show up at my hotel room to demand an explanation as to why it was posted here before on their site.

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