Hey — we have fixed the following bugs in the UBot Studio 3.3 – Beta Release Version x63. Thanks being involved in the private beta and look forward to your continued feedback. We are hoping this to be the final beta release before we roll-out the UBot Studio 3.3 Release Candidate 1 on the public update system.

fixed: create compilation system (not yet implemented into system)

fixed: edit will fail on the wrong type of parameter

fixed: ctrl-v pastes over blank space command

fixed: run sub parameter window has a blank space

fixed: error when loading bots

Please note that the old bug threads are now void and have been closed. If you find that a problem is still there, please report it again as a new thread.

Download Instructions: Please download the new file from the same link as it was given to you initially. The URL for download is http://ubot.me/beta-3.3/ and the access credentials are the same as before.

You are advised to delete the old beta version from your hard-disk and use the Beta Release Version x63 for testing.

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