After some bug-fixing and adding new features to the first beta release, we released UBot Studio 3.3 – Beta Release Version x62 with the following updates –

– Added Drag Position Adorners.

– Else command has been added (for if blocks)

– Highlight Works.

– Fixed bug in bot loading routine.

– Fixed some structural issues.

– Fixed textarea drag from browser capability.

– Scrape commands show up.

– Qualifier place holders get replaced.

– Fixed multiple “drag node here” on old bots.

– Upgraded debugging features.

– Fixed threading issue with error reporting.

– Fixed parameter window for run sub and run script.

– Fixed some script window issues.

– The scripts window has been tightened up.

– Bypass Captcha Chosen command has been added.

Try out UBot Studio 3.3 Beta x62 and let us know what you think. Discussion Thread on UBot Studio Forums.

Published by Seth Turin

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