It’s been one hell of a year at UBot Media. Old friends and moved on from our team, new friends are making a name for themselves, and all the while, UBot Studio has been evolving. For the last few months, I’ve taken a hard look at the UBot Studio source base. I got to see some ideas expertly executed, other ideas sloppily and hurriedly done, and still other ideas that were started years ago but never saw the light of day.

It had been a while since I had worn my programmer hat, and I’m glad for the opportunity. The experience has rekindled a passion for something I crafted years ago in my own hands. After all, UBot is more than just business software. UBot is a different way of thinking about the world, about how we get work done. And as it stands, it has only seen but a fraction of its full potential.

Such a thorough audit of our code base has revealed a multitude of things I would like to see fixed or all together changed. Accomplishing everything I want to accomplish will take time, but it’s a journey that will be well worth the effort. I’ve never been so sure that the people on my team are the best humans for the task at hand. And after painstaking experimentation and selection, the technologies we’ve chosen for the future of UBot Studio are the strongest that are available for this moment in time.

So what does that future look like, exactly? I can’t give all the details, but what I can say is that the next update of UBot will be for version 5.5. It will contain a number of internal changes to make the software heartier and more sustainable. I also plan to check some items off the community wish list, and off my personal wish list as well. With this announcement, I will begin updating the tracker to mark the development of UBot 5.5.

So with a team of truly exceptional people, it’s now time to move forward with all the passion, talent, and sweat we have to offer.

Published by Seth Turin

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