Hey all! It’s Jess, the new Automation Specialist at UBot Media! I am having a blast getting to learn all about UBot Studio and our amazing customers. So I thought I would share a little about me…

I am a workaholic.

From a young age it was instilled in me that working hard, long hours was the only way to succeed and get ahead in life. However, I soon realized I was working my butt off and not getting anywhere. All my life I worked multiple jobs, even when I was in school full time. Maintaining a work-hard, play-hard lifestyle got to be exhausting. No matter how hard I tried to break free from the rat race I was living in, the fear of the unknown got the better of me. At one point I was working FIVE jobs! Who does that? When you are working hard, 70 hours per week between three jobs and not seeing the results promised, what are you supposed to do? To my great surprise and rescue, Seth recognized my over the top work ethic and invited me to be a part of his team.

When Seth first approached me about working for his software company I was hesitant. My technology background was limited, and the thought of programming was a bit scary. But the more I learned about what UBot was and all of the amazing things it could do, my interest began to outweigh my insecurity.

Seth took a big chance on me and all I wanted was to work harder for him than anyone ever had. But as I learned more about UBot and what it actually did, my whole way of thinking started to transform. My whole life, I was lead to believe you needed to find a path and work relentlessly, non-stop, until you made it to where you wanted to be. Through the use of automation, my eyes have been opened to an entirely new world. A new meaning of success began to reveal itself to me. I feel as though I have been welcomed into some elite club, and you all are showing me the secret back door to success.

For as long as I can remember, I have wished there were more hours in the day. The crazy thing is that UBot was helping me accomplish just that! Of course, I still work ridiculously hard, but it is on more fun and creative things. Now I have MUCH more time to play, too! “Working” and “success” are beginning to have completely new meanings.

A small example that I am too excited to keep to myself: our local grocery store has this online coupon area, where you can add coupons directly to your loyalty card. Generally, I spend about an hour every week before I go shopping to add the coupons I want. It saves me $60-80 a month. Work hard + save money = success, right? Driving home one day, it hit me! Why don’t I just make a bot to add all the coupons? Then I can have that hour back every week!

With UBot Studio, I made that bot in 7 minutes flat.

I clicked play and sat back. 42 seconds later I had all 389 coupons added to my card. I felt like a freaking genius!

In my excitement, I told a friend of mine what I had made. She said, “I will give you $50 for that right now.”

It was my very first “shut up and take my money” moment!

I felt guilty taking her money, so I just gave it to her for free. But I learned a very important lesson. Selling my smart bots is incredibly profitable. She was willing to pay me $50 because she could save $50+ every month.

If I were to sell just my coupon bot at $50, I would only need to sell 4 before I made back the cost of upgrading to UBot Studio Dev and saw my first completely in-pocket profits! I could do that by lunch.

Even if you’ve never thought about selling software before, UBot Studio Developer Edition gives you the power you need to evoke the famed “shut up and take my money” response.” Thank you for the opportunity to learn a new way to life. I hope this story helps you on the way to yours!

Jess Nowell
UBot Studio

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