In case you missed it, here they are again!

Important news from UBot HQ as well as a feast of helpful tips, tricks and sample scripts!

Dig In!

1. UBot 5.0.12 is Out and Live!

Having any trouble downloading the new update? Let us know at!

2. An oldie, but a goodie about UBot Studio’s built in artificial intelligence selectors. 

 From UBot 3 to UBot 5, what makes the UBot selectors so advanced? Take a peek!

3.  A Computer Has Passed the Turing Test For the First Time.

 This is just too interesting to miss!

4.  How to Group with Regex in the Replace Regular Expressions function.

Did you know you can group with Regex in UBot tudio? Example 2 shows you how!

5.  Got Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? We’re all ears!

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