One of the most frequent comments we get about UBot Studio is how great the community is.

We’re lucky and happy to have such wonderful gurus, fans, and friends helping one another in a variety of different ways, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew how to reach out to all the different support networks that these wonderful people can be found in.

Of course the first place to look for support is our forum – The UBot Underground. There are over 10,000 topics and even more answers to be found there. You’ll find first-time users and advanced scripting geniuses helping one another with questions, giving ideas, offering free and paid scripts for your perusal, and more. Make sure you register and check it out if you have any interesting or just want to get lost in ideas about automation and bot-building for a while.

There are also several Skype groups available specifically for UBot Studio users! If you’re interested in a lively discussion about scripting, automation, and how to get the most out of UBot, be sure to join by asking for an invite. Just add “emw-DGN” as a Skype contact (our good friend TJ) and he’ll get you set up.

There is a great opportunity for you to work with and help one another through these great communities, and we appreciate all of the users who make them great, productive places.

Of course, we get a wide variety of questions at and are happy to help you there as well! We’ve got a professional support staff answering questions every day and they are a wonderful resource for those of you with active Support and Update subscriptions.

All of us at UBot hope you’re having a great time working with UBot Studio and don’t forget: If you’re stuck, there’s help available!

– Lilly

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