When I started doing business online, the “internet” was already pretty big. Most people used it.  But even in those short few years since my first sale, the growth potential for online businesses has just kept increasing. Internet sales are skyrocketing, tools to do business online are getting better, cheaper, and more accessible, and software like UBot Studio lets you create a product out of thin air that people will pay hundreds of dollars for, again and again. We are at an amazing time–one when those of us who make money online are in the minority, but the number of people buying online is increasing to a huge majority.

There’s never been a better time to start working from home, to train yourself on a few simple skills (like marketing), and to try your hand at living the dream. I foresee many years of significant growth for entrepreneurs online, and I can’t imagine any better business to be in. While I was doing some research about the growth of internet business, I found some stats that just begged to be shared:



UBot Studio Online Entrepreneurship and E-Preneur Online Business Infographic

Online Entrepreneurship – E-Preneurs – are finding it easier than ever to do business online


See? There’s just no way to look at all that data and think “No, I should keep going to my 9-5 job,” or “nah, I’ll wait til next year to try and make a buck online.” This is your time. 


– Seth Turin

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  1. Making money online is so easy. There are so many different ways but the best way is passive income… Using uBot you can generate a passive income easily. Just create a bot that people want. Release it for sale on your own website or a site that allows bots like seoclerks.com or certain forums (warriorforum for example). Bam, passive income to these 7 billion people looking to automate something. uBot easily earns me $500 a month from a single bot (amping up to release more soon).


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