Does more than one person in your business need UBot Studio? Maybe you’ve got a developer or an outsourcer that you frequently have work with you on UBot projects? If so, we’ve got some great news.

UBot Multi User Discount

We’re now offering an incredible discount on additional licenses for your team. If you’re just now purchasing UBot Studio, simply select a Multi-User License at the checkout page. If you already have a single user license but need to expand and get an additional license for your partner or programmer, you can now upgrade at a phenomenal price.

To upgrade to a Small Team license, valid for up to 3 users, simply open a ticket at and request an invoice via Paypal (this is the only option available right now). For our records, we need you to include the email addresses of the new user(s) and the position they hold in your business.

Here’s the great part. For a Small Team (2-3 user) license, you will only be required to pay for one additional license. That’s two licenses for the price of one! Plus, the new license will be discounted 10% off as well!

Additional Developer License(s) will be $895, Pro licenses will be $535, and Standard licenses will be $265.

All you need to do is open a ticket under the “Billing & Finance” section in support, and let us know that you need an additional license.

(Note – All team members will use the same UBot Studio login/password to access their accounts. Currently, we can’t make an exception to this policy. We may end this discount at any time, so get on it now! We do reserve the right to not offer this discount to all users.)


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  1. I want one. Then I can chain up some coders in my basement and keep pumping out killer software programs.


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