chihpih on DigitalPoint AKA DJKomputer AKA the IT Genius at a large Investment Bank in New York posted this unsolicited review in a forum thread.

I spent some time with UBot today and watched a tutorial on how to create a Google Keyword tool scrapper.

All I can say is wow! This has to be the best webmaster software I have ever seen in my 13+ years of Internet experience.

The software will take a lot of time to fully understand and you must be prepared to watch a few demo videos to get the grasp of things. You should have a concept of programming or at least be able to learn from the demos.

Purchase of the software also gives you access to UBot forums where you can ask questions and get help if you get stuck at some point of creating your own bot.

I will watch more videos and try creating a scrapper that feeds my own needs and work on other bots in the future.

Rating 11/10 – forget hours doing repetitive things or trying to outsource some simple jobs, make any kind of bot you want, well worth the money, requires some programming / logic understanding

UBot does have a small learning curve. It is not a magic solution that will do everything “out of box”. So when you buy it, you have to be willing to spend some time learning it using the extensive resources — it is easy. Also, there is always the support forum to help you.

But I say it is absolutely worth it to put in that small effort into learning UBot — imagine the thousands of dollars that you will save on buying other software or hiring programmers.

Learn more about UBot Studio at, grab a copy and start botting.

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