At UBot we are big fans of WFReview Plugin and use it personally for our own ventures. However, the most critical aspect of success with WFReview is to have data you can use — and a lot of it. The most common solutions? Either use data feeds from merchants or write scraper scripts.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that writing regular expressions to scrape content from a site are a ‘pain in the you know what’. I have always ended up spending hours and hours creating scripts to scrape data from sites or have always ended up hiring someone to do it for me.

However, hiring people to get stuff done for you can become very expensive, very fast. Learning to code yourself is another option which is not the easiest or the quickest path, as I can tell from my own experience. And even if you already know how to program, the hours you will have to spend programming scraper scripts can be better used on marketing your sites or having fun.

The Easy Solution? Enter UBot.

Welcome WFReview Customers. To Read More About UBot, Click Here. To Use Your Special Coupon, Click Here.

Seriously, UBot is the software that lets you make the software that do everything for you — without raising a finger. With your copy of UBot, you could be creating kick-ass software bots that let you automate virtually every aspect of internet marketing.

Imagine — what if you could automate keyword research, market research, scraping data, setting up databases, installing wordpress, fixing the theme, link building or nearly anything else? All that without knowing or doing any programming at all!

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to create a AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool Scraper.

Oh and now we have in-built support for CAPTCHA-solving outsourcing. What this means is that your bots can run on a true autopilot mode without you having to do anything at all.

Still not convinced how quick and easy it is to create bots that scrape loads of data and then automatically load that into your WFReview Site? Here are two more videos for you (both created by Barman).

Video Tutorial #1 – Quancast Scraper Tutorial with UBot

Video Tutorial #2 – Blog Comment Seed List Scraper

Here’s a quick list of some of UBot’s “make you cream” features —

UBot’s Visual Scripting Language lets you create software bots to do nearly anything without knowing any programming.

UBot Studio Software has an extremely easy to use “Point and Click” Interface

Compile independent bots which you can redistribute or sell.

Full Support for Proxy Flipping.

Supports CAPTCHA Solving Outsourcing.

UBot is Constantly Evolving Software.

3 Years of Free Updates and Support.

Access to a Vibrant Community.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

And it is not just scraping that UBot is capable of. Here’s what a customer of ours had posted at one of the discussion forums –

I’m far from being THE authority on ubot but, I think it’s a pretty powerful piece of gear and it will only ever get better. If you can do it in a web browser, you can make ubot do it for you.

Create parasite accounts – check!
post to parasite accounts – check!
pull articles – check!
post to article directories – check!
create rss feeds – check!
post feed to aggregaters – check!
pull utube videos – check!
post videos to video sites – check!
post to bookmarking accounts – check!

So far, I know one can make ubot do nearly everything senuke will do. It’s been alluded to that, at some point in the future, one will be able to make it do everything xrumer can do. The only limit will be your own imagination.

I much prefer the ability to have my own custom automation, to do what I want it to do, not what someone else wants to give me. I’m also not a fan of subscription payments to use someones stuff.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using someone elses subscription automation is, there will always be a butt load of others doing exactly the same thing with it. That’s what gets things found out and changed.

By having the ability to roll your own, no one elses will ever be exactly the same as yours. It’s like the difference between living in a house you designed or a cookie cutter McMansion in the suburbs.

I’m here to tell you, the day they make ubot able to interface and interact with other programs on my computer will be the day I begin to dominate every niche in every market, all over the world. Muwahahahaha.

And we have literally hundreds of reviews like that. Hey, even top-notch affiliate networks like Convert2Media love and recommend UBot.

If you want more kick-ass ideas for bots you can make with UBot, check out our official sales page. But honestly, I doubt anyone will need more convincing to how awesome UBot can be for their business after watching the videos above.

Now I know the biggest question on your mind is — how much does this kick-ass software cost? The retail price is $245 and that translates to less than 68 cents a day. Shockingly low price for such an amazing piece of software, right? Yes, we know!

But since we love WFReview, we are going to make it even better for you. If you are a WFReview customer, you get your copy of UBot for a special price of $199. Click Here to Use Your Special Coupon.

Welcome WFReview Customers. To Read More About UBot, Click Here. To Use Your Special Coupon, Click Here.

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