Are you a UBot Affiliate? We have just released two new kick-ass features that we are really excited about!

1. Coupon Tracking. We are now able to link an affiliate ID to a coupon. So if your customers use a coupon we gave to you, you will get paid for the sale! If you already have your coupon, please contact us to get it linked to your account.

If you want us to generate a new coupon for you, please contact me and I will be more than glad to do so.

2. Compiler Linking. Now your affiliate ID can be linked to UBot Studio branding in the compiled bots. If you are giving out compiled bots on your blogs or in other marketing campaigns, your bots can have your affiliate links embedded into those bots. Contact us if you want to get your compiler account linked with your affiliate ID.

Contact us [ ubot @ ] if you want us to setup any of these on your account.

Published by Seth Turin

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