How to Make Money in The UBot Network

The New UBot Network is still in beta, but now is a great time to show off to some of the visitors UBot Studio gets. So how can you profit?

(Oh, and don’t forget – It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been selling your bots, plugins, or training. Put them in the Store or fill out your profile on /Freelance and you’ll get a bump from all the new traffic/customers we’ll be sending your way.)

  1. Sell your executable bots in the Store (so even customers without UBot Studio can try them).

    301 Nuke

    The Store is a professional way for you to promote your products

  2. Sell your source code in the Store.
  3. Sell your plugins in the Store.
  4. Give away your FREE bots/plugins in the Store, then when your paid bots/plugins are ready, email your new customers.
  5. Give away your Free training in /Learn and link to it from the Store to show how much you know.
  6. Share your Free training in /Learn and link to it from /Freelance to show how much you know.
  7. Partner with us! If you have an amazing product, idea, or training course, we’ll feature it to all of our customers.
  8. Pay for a Developer to build that plugin you’ve always wanted….
  9. …Then sell it on the Store.
  10. Combine all your free Forum code snippets/plugins together and post them in the Store for free to get great reviews…
  11. …Then sell your paid code snippets.
  12. Write a great blog post about
    1. Building bots
    2. The ways you make money
    3. The learning process for UBot
    4. Quick tips for botting
    5. How you built your favorite plugin
    6. The top ten best bot ideas you’ve never built…
  13. …And then share it on your /Store and /Freelance profile.
  14. Sell your paid training on /Learn.
  15. Read through posts on the Forum to see what others need and build it.
  16. Search posts on other forums and see what others need and build that.
  17. Got a product that you think could be better? Build it. Sell it.
  18. Still improving your skills as a UBot Developer? No problem. Our customers are looking for marketers, JV partners, designers, web site builders, and lots more to work with and improve their businesses.
    1. Post whatever skills you have on /freelance!
    2. Write a blog post about what you DO know, and then link that to a paid course on /learn.
    3. Build an application in any programming language – we aren’t picky. As long as our customers want what you’re selling, you’re free to post it on the Store or elsewhere.
  19. If you are a professional developer, with programming skills, write a course on using UBot Studio alongside the coding languages that you like.
  20. Still unsure? Check out our LENGTHY list of ideas in our introduction to UBot Studio course on /Learn. Then do a few of them and sell them in the Store.


Have more ideas or questions? Add them here!


UBot Stealth Has Arrived.

The wait is over.

After many months of development and testing, the new version of UBot Studio has arrived –

UBot Studio Stealth Features

(A few of these features are in the Bot Bank, and a few came out in advance of Stealth. But this is the moment you’ve been waiting for – the release that brings it all together!)

Let me explain some of the most revolutionary features.

Cef: A Brand New, Super Fast Browsing Engine

With Stealth, you will have access to the most advanced, bleeding-edge browser framework currently available. We’ve rebuilt the entire browser engine using CEF, but for compatibility, we’ve included a simple switch to let you choose the old browser or the new one.

One-button headless browsing (Professional Feature)

‘Headless’ browsing means that your browser doesn’t have a graphical interface. This makes it faster – if it’s connecting without rendering HTML and loading images, for example, it’ll speed things up as it’s moving along the web. For simplicity we’ve added this simple switch to make sure everyone knew how to join this new modern age of headless botting.

In Stealth, you can simply drop the “set headless browser” command into your scripts for scary-fast automation. You’ll use none of the overhead that it takes to continuously visually render each page. Headless is the future of botting. It’s the reason why languages like Python and libraries like PhantomJS have grown in the botting world.


Headless browsing in UBot means you simply drop a “Set Headless Browser” command into your script and everything happens in the background. Better than PhantomJS or other headless browsers because you still get to build your bot with the incredible UBot Studio visual interface. You’ll complete more tasks at once and build more powerful tools that are as effective as anything a programmer could create. You’ll want to use this one with caution. Especially when you combine it with multithreading.

Full Header Control (Professional Feature)

The internet is tracking every move you make. One way this happens is through headers. But with full header control, you can change that.

What’s a header? When you connect to a website, all the information you give about yourself is a header – the user agent (browser type), referrer (where you came from), and everything else.

In Stealth, you can rewrite the fundamental connection variables that your bots communicate to servers with.

Simply use the new “set header” command and you can modify any arbitrary header you want. You now have the power to fully control how a web page sees you.

Thread Spawn (Professional Feature)

UBot Studio Stealth introduces the ThreadSpawn system – a tool that allows you to write UBot scripts with the same drag and drop simplicity you expect, and instantly spawn as many threads as you desire. You choose how many threads you want to run concurrently, and UBot Studio does the rest. Thread spawn cuts code down, saving you time, and solves the complications of multi-threading.

All of the power of multithreaded bots, none of the headache. And yes, you can even multithread headless bots. Watch it in this demo, which starts with a regular browser in threadspawn and ends with headless bots in a threadspawn.

Introducing – Incognito Mode (Developer Feature)

Incognito Mode: The new Dev Stealth feature to run your compiled bots COMPLETELY invisibly.

Yes, it does spell UBot. But watch how I did that….

With Incognito Mode,

  • You can compile uBots into command line only tools
  • You can combine with the “set headless browser” command for super-fast Stealth botting
  • You can run a uBot as a hidden process, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into VB.Net, C#, Python, or any other windows language, and run it to load other programs
  • You can even automate Windows completely invisibly.
  • You can generate your user interface separately, and let your uBot just worry about the functionality
  • You can add your uBot command line tools to part of a larger library written in the language of your choice
  • You can create a master compiled uBot that spawns other uBots… an army of uBots controlled by a single interface!

If you aren’t subscribed yet, make sure to subscribe to get the latest features.

As you can see, the latest version of UBot Studio adds a huge amount of functionality to the previous versions.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Headless browsing, just in time for Halloween

Change your headers

With UBot Studio Stealth, we wanted to give you more than just the top-of-the-line feature that lots of people are talking about: Headless browsing. We wanted to give it to you in typical UBot Studio fashion – we made it simpler to use than anything else out there.

‘Headless’ browsing means that your bot doesn’t have a graphical interface. This makes it faster – if it’s connecting without rendering HTML and loading images, for example, it’ll speed things up as it’s moving along the web. While not loading images, Javascript, CSS, and Flash are features that UBot has had for a while, combining them into a single “headless” option for simplicity was the best thing we could do to make sure everyone knew how to join this new modern age of headless botting.

So simply drop the “run headless” command into your script for scary-fast automation.


And what’s this about …setting your headers?

Simply use the “set header” command and you can choose any arbitrary header you want. What’s a header? When you connect to a website, all the information you give about yourself is the header – the user agent (browser type) and everything else. In stealth, you can rewrite the fundamental connection variables that your bots communicate to servers with.

With set header, you can choose whatever headers you want.

PS – here’s a link to “HTTP Headers for dummies”.  Just, you know, in case.

UBot Studio Bot Building Journey

So, you’ve purchased UBot Studio and you’ve built your first bot. You were gonna compile it and move on. But wait – your bot and you have so much more to do.

Don’t stop there. This is just the beginning of your journey – a journey that thousands of others have gone on, and which we’ve watched, and taken notes, to help perfect. This blog post will help you along the path.

First – Why would I want to make money with my bots?

Now that you’ve started building bots, you’re in an elite club of people. Bot builders can make something extremely valuable in just a short time, especially if they have time-saving tools like UBot Studio. You’ve paid for a shortcut – so take advantage of it!

I bet you’ve got a few ideas that aren’t currently making you any money at all. This is the time to put them to use. And make money.

Here’s a good example.

A few days ago, I was trying to find a way to download every image in a particular category from Reddit. Reddit has an API – But I don’t know programming (not exactly, anyway)! I’ve just got UBot Studio. I looked around for free software to do it, but I couldn’t find any – everyone wanted me to pay $10 or more for something that I knew I could build in UBot Studio.

All this bot needs to do is go to this particular website, click a few links, and save a few images, and do that over and over. This is basic bot building that any UBotter could do.

And people all over the world are paying $10 for a bot that does that.

So what if I built that bot and charged $3? 

You guessed it – I’d make a lot of people happy, and make money in the process.

Now then – where can you get ideas to make these bots?  

Here’s just a few places:

  1. – all these are programs that someone currently gives away for free, but charges for an upgrade. Why not build a better version and charge $1? Just a few examples here would be great UBot bots – a bartender program could EASILY be made in UBot (“BarBot”); Video downloaders would be a snap; etc!
  2. Think about what your friends do online. Poll them. Ask if there’s anything they wish was just a little easier. A site that doesn’t work quite right, a product that is almost there. Fix it with a bot, or build a better one!
  3. Search for the word bot. See what people are buying. See what people want. If you put “Bot” at the end of pretty much any popular website or general category of merchandise, it’s probably a thing someone will pay for. CouponBot (Yup), DatingBot (Definitely Yup), TwitterBot (there are literally hundreds), PortmanteauBot (that is a bad joke). Half the fun in this is figuring out what people are using bots for!
  4. Check out freeware – just because it’s free doesn’t mean people won’t pay for it if you build a better version! Here’s a few great sites to look it up on:
  5. And lastly – don’t forget to put your bot in our store. We can make money for you! Just enter your affiliate number by the link you clicked, and you’ll get that commission.

What’s my affiliate number? Why would I want to include it?

Your affiliate number is on your affiliate dashboard. Look under the section labeled SubAffiliate Link:

Subaffiliate Link

In this case, the # is 2043.

The reason to include this number is that the bots you compile will have a small link in the top right corner that will credit you when your someone clicks it and ends up back at the UBot Studio site. And you don’t want to miss out on all those sweet, sweet commissions (starting out at 20% per sale, which is at least $60).

(Not an affiliate? Sign up here in just two minutes!)

Affiliate marketing is easier than most people realize. We’ve got a Store ready for you to put your bots in, whether you want to sell them or give them away for free, so you don’t even have to create a storefront.

What I’m saying is – you should sell your bots because it’s fun, easy, and profitable.

Any questions?

Let us know in the comments!




Thread Spawn and Cookie Control in UBot Studio Stealth

The UBot Team has been working nonstop to bring you the next incredible version of UBot Studio….

UBot Studio Stealth is feature-complete and users are beta testing now. Bringing you an entirely new browser, plus headless browsing features has been a serious undertaking. I wanted to show off a few of the features before we do the full release.

Find multi-threading complicated?

Check out thread spawn.

One of the most common feature requests has been to simplify threading. Threading is one of programming’s most complicated aspects – developers have been trying to wring more performance out of their software ever since software was invented.

Well, we’ve made it so that anyone with Professional should have no trouble using simple threading commands with thread spawn.

Check out this old multi-thread code, which is 71 lines long. It basically opens 5 new browsers, navigates to a page, then does that again 5 more times. This requires 5 thread commands with 5 loops.

But with thread spawn, you simply explain how many threads you want total, and how many you want to run concurrently, and UBot Studio does the rest. Thread spawn cut that code down over 75%. Check it out:

From 70+ lines of code to under 17.

Next up is the delicious new Cookie Control.

With just a few simple commands you can now grab all your cookies, save them, edit them, and more.

These Cookie Control commands will join the advanced math, charting, list, table, and other commands in the Bot Bank. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll have Advanced Cookie Control.

UBot Studio Stealth is almost ready – we’re just making sure it’s as polished as possible. I hope you are as excited as I am.