In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up your DeFi wallet in UBot Studio.

  1. First, paste in your UI commands.
  2. Next, go to the DeFi category and drag over the config defi wallet command.
  3. You will need the private key to your DeFi wallet. To get this, you can use MetaMask. Go to, download, and install the software. Once you have installed MetaMask, click on the little fox icon.
  4. To get your private key, click on the three dots, select Account Details, and click on Export Private Key. Enter your MetaMask password to view your private key, and copy it.
  5. In UBot Studio, paste the private key into the private key field and click OK.
  6. To make sure everything is working, add a log command and drag over the get token balance function. Select the USDC token, and click OK.
  7. Run the code and check the log to see your USDC balance.

That’s it! You have now set up your DeFi wallet in UBot Studio.

Here’s the code:

ui in main browser {
    ui html snippet("<style>
  body \{
    background-color: #060606;
  .log-view \{
    background-color: #282c34!important;
    color: white;
<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"\" integrity=\"sha512-Jk4AqjWsdSzSWCSuQTfYRIF84Rq/eV0G2+tu07byYwHcbTGfdmLrHjUSwvzp5HvbiqK4ibmNwdcG49Y5RGYPTg==\" crossorigin=\"anonymous\" referrerpolicy=\"no-referrer\" />

    ui log view("Log")
config defi wallet("")
log("USDC Balance: {$get token balance("Avalanche","USDC")}")

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