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Problem with Proxies and Craigslist

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So after hours upon hours of testing and trial/error i've come to discover a problem with the way Ubot changes proxies when using Craiglist. Or at least it seems as such. This been a rather complex process so if anyone could help me out with this i would be indefinitely appreciative as of right now I can't use the proxy switching command with CL and am having to do it manually with ProxyFirewall.


What's happening:


When using the Ubot proxy switching command to login to Craigslist to post an ad I will get all the way to page where you type your ad and continue to see it "previewed" then enter the captcha. The problem is that I can't get past the page where you type your ad. Whenever I click through to see the ad previewed it just refreshes this same page with any images I uploaded being reset. Clicking through again does the exact same thing, essentially making it impossible to go past this point.


I've tested this using


-Multiple CL accounts

-Multiple Proxies


So I know it's not any particular proxy or account.


When entering the proxy manually in IE8 or using ProxyFirewall everything works great and the ad can get posted as normal. Which leads me to believe that it's not Craigslist or the way it handles/detects proxies but rather something that Ubot is not doing that IE8 and Proxy Firewall ARE doing.


So does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? It's a real pain as of now i'm having to manually switch proxies with ProxyFirewall instead of using the Ubot function which would really automate the whole process.


I've made a test bot illustrating this if anyone is interested. Thanx in advance :)

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Try running the bot in either a subwindow or as compiled. Should probably solve this issue (atleast it does with facebook)


Just tried both of these and no dice. Any other ideas what it could be? Would you be willing to look at the test bot i made that demonstrates this? Thanx again.

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