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  1. great info here...i really needed this. Thanx guys
  2. I'm just wondering if a member of the Ubot team and confirm if socks proxies are supported or not. I've seen some talk about it but can't really find any de facto info as to whether they're supported and if not if there are any plans to support them in the future. From what i'm understanding you can't send email behind http proxies and therefore can only uses socks 4/5 proxies when emailing. Please correct me if i'm wrong...but it seems that sending emails with proxies is not possible with ubot at this point? thanx
  3. I'm just wondering regarding what JohnB said @ JohnB if you see this, i setup a week trial with that company you said worked for you. I'm assuming you use their smtp server to send the mail? Or are you using your ISP smtp or other and just sending from behind their network? I tried using my ISP smtp behind their network and I get an error not allowing the mail to be sent. I don't see where to find their mail server settings or if that matters...i would really love to know how you got this to work! lol On a VPN are you only allocated whatever IP they give you? Looks like if i want to be abl
  4. also, can we get a confirmation from any of the Ubot team members that Ubot doesn't support Socks 4/5? Doesn't that mean that it's impossible to mail behind proxies with ubot if only socks proxies support mailing?
  5. ok, so i'm reading that you can't really use HTTP(s) proxies for mailing, only socks 4/5. If this isn't true, someone please let me know. I'm also reading that IE8 doesn't work with socks 4/5 proxies which if is true pretty much may halt my entire process here. @JohnB, do you know if the proxies you're using in your VPN http or socks? I signed up for that service to see what it's all about, never used a VPN before but hoping it will work for me if it did for you. Still waiting on their activation email
  6. Hey Buddy, i used the "change proxy" command as well as using 3rd party apps to control the proxy settings in IE. It's not really so much what i'm using to control the proxies so much as I think that maybe it has to do with the proxy type (anonymous/elite...etc). Does anyone have experience with proxies revealing your real IP in email headers?
  7. I wrote a bot that responds to ads on craigslist and i'm sure some of you know that you need to rotate your IP every 20 replies or so. The problem i'm having is that no matter what smtp server i'm using (i've used my hostmonster smtp, also a smtp relay service) my home IP shows through in the email header every time even though i'm logged in through a proxy. So i get behind my proxy, verify in my browser that I am in fact behind a different IP. Then send my bot off on a test which sends an email to me and each time in the email header the proxy IP address isn't shown but rather my home IP.
  8. Bump... I think this is one of the biggest shortcomings of Ubot. I've dropped a few posts here and there how the email function is pretty useless and it seems that nobody at Ubot really seems to want to develop it further. This could be an extremely powerful feature and open up tons of opportunity for people with mailing lists, automated senders...etc. The use of port options, secure connection options and email attachments would make Ubot killer! Right now i'm pretty depressed that I can't used it with gmail/hotmail or anything that requires a secure connection and it sucks if I have to u
  9. bump... Can the Ubot team breathe some life into the mail function?? It's near useless w/o the ability to specify SSL for gmail/yahoo...etc. I'm dyin to see this!
  10. I have the regular version. The keywords in the article could be upper case or lower case depending on if they start a sentence or not. I'm hoping to just enter my keywords non case sensitive into the UI text box and have it scrape all keywords whether upper or lower case in the article.
  11. Hey John, You wouldn't happen to know what kind of string would accomplish this would you? I'm really green to regex. Right now the keywords in my text block are being assigned to a variable and then i'm scraping for that variable. Thanx!
  12. I have some keywords in a list that i'm scraping an article for...i'm wondering if it's possible to scrape the keywords whether upper or lower case? Keywords: bob tom john Article: Bob is cool, Tom is rad..John is a dork But when I scrape, none of them return back since the keywords are lower case. Any way to do this regardless of case?
  13. Ok, i figured out my problem in case it can help anyone. I used this function number.toFixed(1) Where "number" is the number you want to trim and the "1" means it chops off the number 1 position to the right of the decimal point. So the number I wanted to trim was "0.73389" I would use this... 0.73389.toFixed(1) which would give 0.7
  14. I'm doing keyword density reports for an article service that i'm running. I'm having trouble figuring out how to round a decimal to the 10th decimal place. So i want "flowers" - 0.40845070422535% to be 0.4% I tried using the Math.round function but I don't want it to round the numbers up or down, because it would show "0" for a value of 0.4 and I can't have that. I just want to cut off the number at the 10th decimal place. Any help is greatly appreciated, been at this for 4 hours now! lol
  15. that worked. I was using .txt files so guess i'll have to convert all articles to php before uploading them. thanks!
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