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Using macOS 'Script Editor' as a bridge between UBot Studio concepts and macOS.

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Not long ago I found myself having to permanently dispose of the Windows operating system from the remaining machine I had the OS running on for reasons that are beyond the scope of this message. (This isn't a knock on Windows, it gives the overwhelming majority of the world what it wants when it comes to an operating system.) As it relates to my use of UBot Studio, throwing away Windows presented a potentially crippling challenge because of an ongoing data publishing project that was originally built exclusively with UBot Studio. This project runs 24/7 and publishes data to the web.

What I discovered, and what might potentially be useful to others who choose to reside within a macOS ecosystem, is something called 'Script Editor.' It comes built-in on macOS and provides various mechanisms that vaguely resemble some of the core functionality of UBot Studio. It's nowhere near as robust or as intuitive or as user friendly as UBot Studio, but I'm slowly but surely 'translating' aspects of UBot Studio to 'Script Editor' with some measure of success. If nothing else I was able to get my data publishing project fully operational on macOS prior to turning off the Windows OS machine. (The machine has since been repurposed and is successfully running a full BTC node with Ubuntu as the OS.)

One of the greatest strengths of UBot Studio is helping non-programmers learn how to 'think' somewhat more coherently about project development and program design. Not having to think so much about 'code' can also be helpful, but even the native 'UScript' language that accompanies UBot Studio is extremely intuitive and very familiar and seemingly easy to navigate, at least for me. UBot Studio was really the only app that was compelling enough for me to keep one proverbial 'foot' in the Windows OS.

I'm cautiously optimistic that UBot Studio might be able to coexist on multiple OS platforms - if not in functional software form, then as a conceptual framework that can make the development and design of software somewhat easier for those who aren't formally educated in the field of software development. 

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