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Very well said frank. I must admit ubot helped me build strong foundation in programming, as i could focus more on the logic rather than the programming syntax.

While there're a lot of rooms for improvement for ubot's , it does give you good start in software industry.

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There probably as many rant posts here as there is question and answer posts regarding ubot.   Give yourself time and permission to make mistakes when learning how to program with ubot. Truly it's a

Good advice in general, per the attitude needed to work with this, or any challenging piece of software, but I'd suggest that the tutorials are severely lacking. They're out of date as compared to the

Hi John & Praney   Thanks for your thoughtful replies.   I appreciate that it's been difficult for you and the other guys that have stuck with it and got to grips with the software, and that now y

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Great post. I'm getting back into learning UBOT and gave up awhile ago. I'm back for more misery and pain. Is this stuff fun for me? No! This time I'm sticking to it by learning what I need to accomplish each goal. Thanks again for the motivation.

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I just bought ubot, finally after years of indecision... and I think this is probably a good place to say hi to everyone and thanks to Frank for creating this post.


Ubot was first recommended to me back in 2009 when I'd been dabbling in Internet Marketing for a couple of years, but back then I didn't feel I wanted to get into something that was way over my head. Stupid really, since it's not!


My background was in IT back in the 1970s (oh, IBM big blue!), 80s and early 90s, I know basic programming flow even though I was never a programmer and I taught myself html back in the late 90s. I even got into basic Linux for a bit (now that IS scary stuff). Now I build my own static html websites (I hate Wordpress) - they're simple but do the job they're created to do - sell stuff and make me money!


This year I started buying some kickass software built by a guy from Texas who I have a sneaky feeling is probably a member in here... I figured out the programs were ubot based! That made me want what he's using to build custom stuff I can use myself - and so I bit the bullet and bought the 'bot!


And here I am. Nearly 10 years an experienced IM'er and now a ubot total noob hahaha! :)


I know this thread is old, but what Frank said in the OP is as true today as it was back then.


I read some of the older posts going on about the lack of quality tutorials, but I think they're actually pretty good. They do the job they're there for. And yeah, sure it won't be a simple thing to learn. It's a powerful tool that can do amazing things (as I've already seen and use) so I never really expected it to be all that easy!


For me, I will take it slow (I don't see as I have much choice there) and I will learn it bit by bit. That's the way I learned everything else!


That's the way I'll learn this (already started)! B)

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Hey Jack,


Little late on the reply, but I do hope that you've kept yourself going Jack. I can tell you that programming in ubot and building apps not only supplemented my income in a big way but also changed my career direction. I now not only use ubot but program a lot in c#.


Lovin it.



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