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Ugh, I understand the basics of this code and was able to rewrite it to my needs, but now I see one of the basic ubot commands is broken.


$list from text


Fuck me amirite lol




Oh great, $list total doesn't work either. Does anyone have any old ubot binaries that they could share? 5.xx, ones before the two year update hiatus?

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This is op. Lemme plug into this topic with my normal account.


Btw in case anyone else wants the code that works in 6.1.x, i just hardcoded individual "item to list", then looped a bunch of times and added a random list item to list.

    clear list(%kljucne)
    clear list(%listToShuffle)
    add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#memes","Don\'t Delete","Global")
    add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#meme","Don\'t Delete","Global")
    add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#humor","Don\'t Delete","Global")
    add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#humour","Don\'t Delete","Global")
    loop(100) {
        add item to list(%kljucne,$random list item(%listToShuffle),"Delete","Global")
    set(#kljucne besede random,$text from list(%kljucne," "),"Global")
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