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1. The purpose of this forum is to discuss using UBot Studio within the Mac environment as well as helping others through the configuration portion of the Mac, Parallels, Window's products that is generally a part of the Mac world.

2. This section is not for bug reports, complaints about the software, or complaints about the company. Feel free to direct reproducible bugs to Tracker or to Support.

3. Do not make any personal attacks against any members or staff members. Flame wars will not be tolerated.

4. Do not hijack threads. The topic of a thread is defined by the original poster or OP, and changing the topic to whatever is on your mind will not be tolerated.

5. If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all.

6. Please refrain from posting your [sELL] links as a response to questions seeking solutions.  If you want to suggest something you've built that is up for sale on the forum, please pm the OP privately. Make sure your response on the thread offers a solution or suggestions to the OP's question.


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