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What Is Error Converting Value ?

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This is a bot that scrapes all links from the following page that list links of WP blogs that till have their commenting open:


The bot then visits to each link to verify the blogs' commenting sections are open yet.

If it finds the form input fields (html attributes) for name, email and url then it counts the commenting section is still open and starts auto commenting and lists your link on the blog comments.

Straight bot. 

But the hassle occurs when the bot finds the attributes of the commenting section on a blog and Ubot unnecearily tries "converting value". I made no code for any form of conversion so don't know what on earth Ubot is trying to convert. That is one error. Another error I get is some json or boolean error which I do not understand atall! It is checking for $true or $false for nothing. I never used these $functions!

And both these errors occur when the bot has navigated to a blog and is checking whether the name, email and url input fields are present on the page or not to determine whether the commenting section exists or not.


I have attached 2 scripts. One that has DEFINES (DEFINE.ubot) so you can get an idea which DEFINE or part of the bot is yielding the error.

The other script is without the DEFINE (No DEFINE.ubot) so you can see which particular Command is causing the problem. Best to test the DEFINE script first (DEFINE.ubot).






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Thanks Jason!


I had forgotten about this thread and issue! Have been trying to learn php ever since february and so have not been Ubotting. Have been Ubotting continuously 7 days/wk for 6.5yrs and then took a break now for 6 mnths. But now getting back to Ubotting on the side.

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