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How To Select A Local File Full Path From Html

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I'm doing a bot where based on interfaces created with "load HTML" , now I need to select one local file to be uploaded, the problem is that the HTML doesn't allow to get the full path of the file so I'm looking for a workaround without to use "ui html" but the simple "load html", I like to use a single tab and change the interfaces on the fly...


Someone know how this could be done?


I tried to use "ui open file" in "ui html" it works giving the full path but... I cannot find the way to show again the selected file when I come back in the same tab, is there a way to have the "ui open file" showing the file on the var? I tried with fillwith="value" but it's not working... any suggestion?

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this is from stackoverflow maybe not true but I trust their word


For security reasons browsers do not allow this, i.e. JavaScript in browser has no access to the File System, however using HTML5 File API, only Firefox provides a mozFullPath property, but if you try to get the value it returns an empty string:

$('input[type=file]').change(function () {


So don't waste your time.

edit: If you need the file's path for reading a file you can use the FileReader API instead. Here is a related question on SO: Preview an image before it is uploaded.

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ayman has a file dialog picker plugin,I dont have it but with this you could certainly do it


<button onClick='ubot.runScript("filePickerFunction()")'>pick file</button>


and make a function that picks the file

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Hi deliter thank you again!!


I tried to use the FileReader API , it does work on an html ( http://jsfiddle.net/LvsYc/ ) file but it doesn't work on ubot, I tried with "load html" and with "UI html panel" but nothing to do...


I saw the plugin, it does many things and it is a good plugin for sure but quite expensive just to pic a file :)


I think I should move everything on UI HTML PANEL and use UI OPEN FILE...


Thank you anyway!

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