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Regex Find Only First Email Address

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Hey guys


regex always does my head in, can someone please help


I want to scrape whois data from: whois.ausregistry.com.au/whois/whois_local.jsp


I want to regex find only the first email address occurrence


this regex works in Regex builder but not in the bot: ^[^.!?]*[\w\-][\w\-\.]+@[\w\-][\w\-\.]+[a-zA-Z]{1,4}


I also want to match the second email address occurrence but I have not got past the first..lol



set(#rmail,$find regular expression($scrape attribute(<tagname="html">,"innerhtml"),"^[^.!?]*[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+@[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+[a-zA-Z]\{1,4\}"),"Global")

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Thanks for the help, i got the result i wanted


but It seems like the incorrect way of doing things, but either way i got a result


I'm not even going to try and regex the second email address




I first set a regex to find and scrape the page to get both emails from the page

set(#rmail,$find regular expression($scrape attribute(<tagname="html">,"innerhtml"),"[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+@[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+[a-zA-Z]\{1,4\}"),"Global")

I then set a regex to find and scrape just the first result from the first set's results

set(#firstEmail,$list item($find regular expression(#rmail,"^[^.!?]*([\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+@[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+[a-zA-Z]\{1,4\})"),0),"Global")
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Do it like this


set(#firstEmail,$list item($find regular expression($document text,"^[^.!?]*[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+@[\\w\\-][\\w\\-\\.]+[a-zA-Z]\{1,4\}"),0),"Global")



This is very smart, It has helped me out also with another piece of regex where I only wanted the first instance

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