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Compiled Bot Crashes W/ Custom Plugin

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Just started to create some custom plugins and when I compile the bot, it crashes when I try and open it up.


It works fine if I am within Ubot studio, but once I compile the bot I can't run it.


Currently, I don't have a plugin registration key. So I guess the question is can I run compiled bots with a plugin that has not been assigned a plugin key?


I thought you could, but you would just get the nag screen. In my case, it opens for 5 seconds and closes with no error.


If I remove the plugin reference, compile the bot and run it, the bot runs fine. It just seems to be when the plugin is activated it won't run,


I am running Ubot Studio Professional, Windows 10, .NET Framework 4.6.


Any help/knowledge would be most appreciated!

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Thanks, Pash. I've got some great ideas for plugins that I'd like to implement and I'd like to upgrade to the developer version but if I can't compile the bot for testing it really doesn't make much sense to upgrade. Hope this gets fixed soon!

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We'll look into this issue, but I've got a solution that will work right now - You can also get a dev key for free until you plan to sell your plugin. Just open a support ticket and let us know!

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I'd like to know the solution as well - please post to this thread.




Hey Frank,


The solution for me was to get a DEV key. Once I added the development key to my plugin, I was able to compile and test. Apparently it doesn't work without one.

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