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I was thinking of giving it away. It is more of a fun project that anything, something I can keep adding too. I took a bit of a hiatus and now I am just working on some personal projects for boosting traffic to my websites. After not seeing the light of day and being in front of a computer endlessly I needed the break. Trying to aim for some balance these days. Little bit of sun, little bit of computer work, and a lot more physical activity than what I used to get. Oh the life of a geek, it is tough I tell you... lol.

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I have made a chatbot


uses a site that has a chat feature


bot has a script of five responses with spinner


if the bot hits the full script(i have 5 responses) stop responding,if any bot engages in a conversation,blacklist that user from starting a chat with your other bots,and blacklist him from the bot he is talking to after the fifth response


Most important node is $date




Save each script along with the users who are on that script,so if a user doesnt respond for a week or a month etc,the bot should know the script it needs to use to respond to that user,incase you have changed your script since etc,


make scripts that the bot starts depending on the day,week end,doing fun stuff,oh no it is monday,

also have an if that if a conversation started on monday to have an exception script,to add in if you are talking on saturday,monday script job sucks,if they dont respond or are in conversation by saturday,have an exception of but at least its saturday I am going to the beach etc,instead of talking about monday hating job on a saturday etc,vice versa conversation started on saturday should have an exception if it continues into monday


other things to consider,when to log in out


if you are on sundays script and it engages a conversation with someone,say it is oh no i am working at 6am tomorrow,be sure the bot logs out no later than 10pm etc or appear invisible to that user if the site can do something like that,best way to do this is have your log in out nodes match regular expressions in the script


in my view they are the best to make a newbie get a lot better with AI,as you will be challenged and the AI ideas will flow from you as you will directly see problems,and how to make it better is completely obvious

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Are you still offering the "Ubot code" for free? If not I would gladly pay you for it. Thanks.




Unfortunately no. My hardrive shorted out and I lost all my data. If you are interested in creating a chatbot Microsoft Agent is super cool https://www.microsof...agent/main.aspx . A good book on the subject is Virtual Humans by Peter Plantec. It is lots of fun building these. The whole process is surprisingly easy - even if you have no programming skills. 

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