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I had tons of help from this community and learned so much from you guys, so i thought maybe i can give something back once a while  :P


Special thanks to a2mateit


For this tutorial you need Aymen's HTTP plugin that can be found here :



And you need a basic base64 converter :



First convert your image with webcodertools and copy the image tag :




Then copy it into $html decode from Aymen's HTTP plugin :



ui stat monitor("", #status)

set(#image01, " {$plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$html decode", "<img alt=\"\" src=\"\" />")}", "Global")

set(#status, "{#image01}  Connecting to the server", "Global")

And your done! 




For CSS monitors make sure to use the "Innerhtml" to pick up the image




So far i only can do it with aymen's http plugin, wondering if its possible with ubot standard resources.

If there is a other way, please post in comments, thank you!

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Thanks for the Tutorial Patrick


You can do this with the File Management Plugin and if you must html decode it you can use the String Management Plugin both, are free and provided by Aymen as well.


set(#file path$plugin function("File Management.dll""$open file dialog"), "Global")
set(#b64$plugin function("File Management.dll""$image 2 base64"#file path), "Global")
set(#image01"<img alt=\"\" src=\"{#b64}\"""Global")
ui stat monitor(""#image01)



File Management Plugin  http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13237-free-file-management-plugin-multiple-commands-and-functions/


String Management Plugin   http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16039-free-string-management-plugin/



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