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[TUT] How to change system time zone to match proxy with JSON and HTTP and get proxy latency

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All this for free?!?! WTF??

Plugins needed and yes they are free:

side note: I want to give special thanks to the plugin developers for making this possible.


Date and Time Manipulation- ubotdev.com

Advanced Shell - ubotdev.com

File Management- Aymen

String Management- Aymen

JSON Path - Aymen


Paid - Optional Plugin

HTTP Post - - Aymen



What you can do...


Change your system time to sync with the proxy time zone. You can also check proxy latency to see how long it takes for a ping to return to you also seeing if it is alive with out navigating to a site like Y-a-h-o-o, B-i-n-g or G-o-o-g-l-e.

Pretty cool eh?


I imagine you can do this with threaded bots as well using a thread safe container or by sorting proxies by time zones.


What's inside?


There are four tabs:

First tab has everything in it and you can test all them by simply pressing buttons. The HTTP stuff is are labeled in buttons so if you don't have HTTP plugin then don't press those buttons.


Second tab demonstrates the latency feature:


Third demos the HTTP feature.


Fourth and final tab demos JSON feature


Each feature has long version of code to easily understand and see what is going on. At the bottom it has the command or function that is used in the first tab. Also, it is condensed code in the "define" node.


Hope you like it and yes you can donate!!




Hint: if you leave the text boxes blank it will give results with out proxies.


The public proxy nodes can be changed to use list from file instead of list from text.  Those public proxies may not work so you will have to get your own.


When you fill in the text bxes please check private proxies box.

For those that don't have HTTP post plugin you should be good since the plugin is in thirs tab and you should be able to use it just not that tab.


Not tested in Ubot 5


PS - sorry it's not pretty. I would rather spend my time coding.

geo proxies--timezones.ubot

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