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Found 4 results

  1. RSocks: Professional solutions for providing a personal privacy The advantages of RSocks: High quality services. Working with RSocks, you achieve maximum efficiency of the workflow;24-hour technical support. Simply choose the convenient communication channel for you: Jabber, Skype, Telegram, ICQ, ticket system and convenient Live chat on our site;Attention to details. Individual approach to solving your problems;Payments on the referral system are made within 24 hours;Guarantee of anonymity, absence of logging;Refunds are made within 24 hours (except for daily packages);Free hour of testing o
  2. Hey, I am a ZennoPoster refugee. Recently I have started to bot a site and encountered a problem with Zenno not resolving the dns remotely from the socks proxy server. Which results in all accounts getting abnned because even though the accounts made using seperate proxy ip's each are using my own machines dns. I can not find anywhere if UBot has the abilty anywhere to not only use socks proxies but are able to use them for remote dns requests. Like you can do manually in firefox (ticking remote DNS). So when you visit such sites as ipleak.net , you are NOT leaking DNS requests. I would
  3. I see that a lot of you more experienced UBOT users are using SOCKS proxies instead of HTTP proxies. Obviously there are particular advantages of using Private SOCKS proxies over Private HTTP proxies with your bots. Can anyone elaborate on the benefits or why (outside of a wiki page definition?) Thanks
  4. Private socks proxies vs private proxies? What are the benefits of socks proxies?
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