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  1. Hello everyone! August was a very busy one, so we have prepared a digest of the most remarkable news of this month! The first report! Because of the growing popularity of USA data center proxies RSocks is constantly increasing their supplies and now it has reached 7000 IP! And we don't even push our limits! Current specs: — Proxy number: 7000 IPs — Threads: Up to 1000 (default 500) — Unlimited data — We charge $170 a week | $680 a month. The proxies are good to go, so hurry up to try them right away! And don't forget to give some feedback on the new package on our forum thread The sec
  2. Do your proxies get banned too quickly? Need a more frequent update, but you have a limited budget? We have a solution! Present you the two new proxy packs Micro USA and Micro Europe with 100% update every 5 minutes! You will receive about 15 000 unique proxies per day. Packs contains 50 ports and because of this costs only $70 per month! Stay in touch: Jabber: support@rsocks.net Telegram: @RSocks Skype: rsocks.net ICQ: 560335 www.rsocks.net
  3. Mobile proxy by RSocks Active work in social networks recently takes too much your time: the algorithms have learned to track your activity and constantly block accounts. And you have to spend a lot of extra money and time wasted even for simple tasks. To facilitate your work, we have launched a new service line! The RSocks team offers an individual solution - dedicated mobile IP with ten threads for work: Mobile proxies. Number of threads: 10 Updates: Every 2 minutes Traffic amount: 100MB per day | 1GB per week | 4GB per month Cost: $ 20 per day | $ 99 per week | $ 396 per month Why a
  4. Friends, you are probably tired of constantly reading so much news from us, but this year we strive to do the almost impossible, and release really important updates every week! Every day, our RSocks team is doing everything possible (and even the impossible) for you to ensure that your arsenal contains only the best tools for the job. For this, we provide only the highest quality Proxy and VPN! Meet the new premium packs - Limited Proxy! The key point of this offer - Limited Proxy is provided only once and only in one hand! Therefore, you get absolutely clean proxy lists: they have
  5. Hello everyone! We are glad to inform you that today new personal geos of Turkey, Switzerland and Japan have become available on RSocks! New countries are already available for purchaseing, they can be purchased on your control panel. We remind you that we expand the pool of countries according to your numerous requests. This can be done on the rsocks.net website or via our customer support team. Send us your questions and suggestions, we are always in touch! Also don't forget about our free proxies for Telegram! tg://proxy?server=
  6. Greetings to all forum users! News digest from RSocks: 1. We have new special package for work with the Twitch.tv service Proxies show stable online ~ 200 viewers for a quite long time when you work with 200-300 streams. Brief description of the package: Geo: World mix Online: ~2500 ip Updating of list every hour to 20-25% new ips Limits: 500 threads and closed ports except for those required to work with Twitch Free test for 1 hour on request and an additional 4 hours for feedback after testing. Cost $30 week / $100 month Write all suggestions and comments on support service! 2. We
  7. Today we are happy to announce updates on our project. We have a couple of small innovations and one significant - this is a new proxy package specifically for mailing! 1) A new proxy package was launched in test mode specially for mailing We glad to announce that we have a new proxy package "Mail Special", which is already available for purchasing account in the" Standard Proxy "section. Features of the new proxy package: The online of package is 15 to 30 thousand proxies. Package updates every 15 minutes, while updating you will get 5% of new proxy (2 hours to 40% of new proxy!) All p
  8. Server proxy – a new type of proxy at RSocks! A key feature of the server proxy is the high capacity of each IP address from the list! This is due to the operation of the proxy on dedicated servers that have a large reserve of processing power and a traffic channel of 5 Gbps! Thus, during the whole subscription to work at high speed will be available a permanent declared online! Besides, on servers 25 and 465 ports are blocked to maintain a constant purity of proxies. Currently, the server proxy list has 8000 IP addresses from the US. Of course, we will not limit ourselves to this, and soon t
  9. Today we have two important news for you! Now the update of standard proxies will take place every two hours, which means that you will receive new proxies much faster! Thus, for a day in your package will visit about 100k different IPs! Also on the standard proxy in the Mix packages we realized a static online at 10500 IP. This means that you will always have guaranteed online no less than 10,500 IP. Also we implemented a "hot" proxy replacement. If a proxy stops working on some port, the system will automatically replace it with a working one! Now you have in your package al
  10. Dear friends! You must be tired of constantly reading so many news from us, but what can we do? We work hard on our service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Probably we are the only ones who constantly do something in such quantity and quality in the sphere of Proxy and VPN services =) We want your arsenal to have the best tools for work! Moreover, if suddenly we have something is not enough, then you boldly write to us and we will do it! Here is what we want to please you today: Let us start with VPN. The number of customers is increasing day by day and we want to express our grat
  11. Dear users! RSocks Project presents you a completely new category of proxy, which you can't find anywhere else! Proxies launched on a completely new, improved core. They are different by the maximum cleanly using and absence in various black sheets and lists, and their impressive stability and speed of work. Platinum proxies are constantly updated, support work on the socks5 protocol and are suitable for any "white" work! In the near future, it is expected to add the possibility of working through the http(s) protocol. If you are interested in platinum proxy, You can use the free test 1
  12. Good day! We are happy to inform you about the work done during the last week: New VPN servers are launched! To work with VPN, you can use a server in the following countries: Hong Kong, India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Moldova and Colombia. Country is already available for selection in the RSocks VPN application on all platforms. Go to the VPN service page New countries for personal proxies! To work with personal proxies, a new server has been added, located in Italy and Czech Republic. Go to the page of personal proxies. Thank you for your attention!
  13. Good day! We are happy to inform you about the work done during the last week: New VPN servers are started! From today, you can use servers in United Kingdom and Ireland to work with VPN. Countries are already available for selection in the RSocks VPN application on all platforms. Go to the VPN service page Wholesale purchase of personal proxies! According to numerous requests, a massive purchase was made personal proxies in your account and on the main page. You can learn more about the innovation here. Personal Proxy: Norway To work with personal proxies, a new server has been add
  14. Good day! 1) Personal Proxy: South Korea To work with personal proxies, a new server has been added, located in South Korea. Go to the page of personal proxies 2) Personal proxy: authorization! When working with personal proxies, it became possible to use them through authorization via login and password. Connection settings are located in the section "Personal proxy - My proxies". You can add your own login and password. In this way, every client has the opportunity to connect to a personal proxy in one of two types: By IP binding; Via login and password authorization. 3) ​New VPN s
  15. New Geo for Personal proxy! To work with personal proxies, new servers have been added in the following countries: SwedenHong KongFinlandEstonia Go to page of Personal proxy. ________________________ Launched a new VPN server in Finland! From today, you can use a server in Finland to work with VPN. The server is already available for selection in RSocks VPN application on all platforms. And also, all previously available servers were replaced with faster servers. Now the connection speed through RSocks VPN is even higher! Go to page of VPN service. Jabber: support@rsocks.net | PHONE: +1
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