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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - I have a simple problem: can't click buttons in Reddit when trying to login and post. Here's the login bit - the click in the last line doesn't work. clear cookies navigate("https://www.reddit.com/login","Wait") wait for browser event("Page Loaded","") wait(3) type text($element offset(<class="c-form-control">,4),$list item(%LoginNames,#LoopCounter),"Standard") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait(3) type text($element offset(<class="c-form-control">,5),$list item(%LoginPW,#LoopCounter),"Standard") wait(3) click(<class=
  2. Plugin Developing Folks, I've seen you guys develop sophisticated plugins from time to time and made good sales in this forum. But have you ever thought of building a simple plugin that maybe useful for every bot or bot developers here ? 1st FEATURE: SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNT VERIFIER FEATURE I mean the plugin that will verify users' social network accounts like facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, del.icio.us, reddit, digg, stubleupon, tumblr, etc. ? Integrate 0Auth or whatever that technology is that users usually trust to verify their accounts. You know what I'm talking about
  3. Been having a VERY hard time getting any decaptcha service to work with the Reddit url submissions. Let me explain..... When you go to submit links within any reddit account and input the captcha via decaptcha services OR EVEN solving it yourself with the captcha box popup, the reddit submit screen refreshes and you have to restart the process of submitting again. The page will continue to do this for as long as I keep submitting this way. On the other hand.....if I manually click on the captcha text field and input the captcha, then click the submit button.....everything gets posted as it
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