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Found 14 results

  1. Hey hey! :-) Is it possible to run a python script (+Seleniem) with uBot Studio, so that i could integrate my python scripts with my uBot programs? Would be so nice to know Thanks!
  2. Ends Dec. 31, 2019 Selenium WebDriver is a web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers, not just Firefox, Chrome (unlike Selenium IDE). WebDriver also enables you to use a programming language in creating your test scripts Search Results Coupon Code is in the video!! Product page https://ubotdocta.com/products/uncategorized/threading-running-selenium-with-the-chrome-browser-in-ubot-studio-source-code/ Supplemental tutorial - not everything is discussed here. It is in the source code. Regards, Nick
  3. Hello There Fellow Ubotters, I have installed a plugin "execute python" and try to run simple script with third party module which is working fine on my computer but on another computers I am receiving no/blank results, Please help me if anyone knows about python with ubot studio set(#match_percent,$plugin function("ExecutePython.dll", "Execute From Code", "from somemodule import process from somemodule import module print(fuzz.ratio(\"main query\", \"choice\")) ", "c:\\Python33\\Python.exe"),"Global") alert(#match_percentage) Thanks in Advance
  4. *****Zip***** run python("import shutil import os os.chdir(\'D:/\') shutil.make_archive(\'test\', \'zip\', \'folder-or-file-you-want-to-zip\')") *****UNZIP***** run python("import zipfile with zipfile.ZipFile(\"D:/test.zip\",\"r\") as zip_ref: zip_ref.extractall(\"D:/test\")")
  5. Hi. I want to track header and referrer area with the help of python code in which some link i have tracked by inspect element and some link is hidden how can i track those link.I m using TJ python plugin for tracking i am trying but not success i am trying in this way am going right way or wrong.How can i achieve these result: alert($plugin function("ExecutePython.dll", "Execute From Code", "import requests REMOTE = \'https://people.com-breakthrough-story.com/lp/perlelux-bk_dragon-v3.php?voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=eLCC7n1-ZFtWFbejCeaxPwwph9Mrlm-9VgByOTcMVNchSwLULhnCd8
  6. Learn to code using other methods. Get to know what is Docker, and VirtualBox for operating in many systems. Also learn how to setup a Selenium environment on Windows, Linux and OSX. Note: This course will be updated regularly, whenever I add a new Unit it will raise $10 USD its price. Description This course is for educational purposes. We go through into how Yelp is designed and how you can search from the interface with proper parameters. This will go through all zipcodes in USA with or without a keyword and grab all leads and put them into a CSV. What you will learn: How to setup Lin
  7. Just wondering who would love to learn some amazing Python and how easy it is?? This will be the plugin version to be used with in TJ's plugin, You can get plugin here FREE Execute Python This series will be free. But donations are welcome, You will learn how to scrape, log in and post, upload/download files and all with HTTP. Over time will learn many other things too. Installing Python on Windows to use with UBot Studio Tutorial CD Free Bot Scripts [script] Http Post A Status To Twitter With Python And Commented [script] Python Http Post Request Using Proxies And H
  8. Hello U-Py-Botters!! This little bot script will post a status on *Tw*i*t*t*er* for ya and it is made with Python too So this will introduce you to a little thing called Session() objects which will allow you to login and post a status and much more. The Requests module is thread safe and is very robust and will handle cookies in anyway imaginable. Take a looksy here for Requests Cookies This requires one Plugin and Python to be installed. FREE python plugin python 34 installation videos (the funnier one) NEW install Python on Windows for UBot This will be one of ??? I make
  9. Hello everyone, I have faith in this community because thanks to UBot I learned many things, also thanks to all this community that always answer and is full of very good people like Dan, TJ, and so forth. I feel I have something in debt with most of you, so I decided to make my coding Journey (10,000 hours of code) in all languages I can so I can share the knowledge. There will be also updates of sources that are deeper in tasks that I will need to charge at least $1 USD per source, in order to have a coffee or a beer. Or anything, you know, this way I can fund this Journey and you guys can
  10. Hello, What is Required? Ex Browser Plugin and Developer Eddition for the python. I will post the timers code in the Python section soon for those who don't have EB plugin. The same python code will work if you own the python plugin too and have Python installed. Been playing with this for a few days to get my UBot chops back in shape. This started in EB version and is now .7 so this feature Type Text (Human Delay) is available. So, instead of wasting it on my HD her it is. The "type text simulator" function can delay in down to the nano second tho and you can round up to w
  11. Oh yes!!! Hello from the world of Python!! This little script will show you how to do a HTTP Get Request in Python using the Execute Python Plugin The full tutorial will be posted at my blog. See signature Python tutorials. Although there are comments I will try to make it as easy as possible. You will need to install Python vids at my blog as well. Here is the first one... The second one is better. (funnier I think) Anyways, have fun learning some Python. Highly recommended to use Ipython Notebook as an IDE not Ubot. After script works then put it in Ubot!!! Enjoy, C
  12. Hello!! Here is a very basic example scraper. This will search an engine (G***le) for topics in Ubot domain, mainly the forum. This is a simple get request in Python. This uses the Execute Python Plugin it is a very versatile and not free. Large Data Plugin free This little script contains: A get request that returns title and url. Acquired by Xpath and HTTP all in Python. This is just a simple script to see how it works. I will be posting an full explanation on my blog soon. (see signature) If you do not have Python installed I recommend these videos. How to install P
  13. N6CNH

    Twitter Scrape

    Hi Guys, Firstly can I apologise for my poor coding terminology that is one of many things I hope to improve through this forum and this project that I am hoping you guys can help me with. So I have done masses of research on this subject and now it’s just time to ask for help!! So I am wanting to scrape Twitter, I have managed to create a .py code that does this for me when the shell is executed, however this is something currently done manually and the results are stored in a excel file and replaced every time the shell is run. What I would like is for the following; To create some c
  14. I came across this really cool site. My friend sent it to me, told me his Teacher help make it. I think its really useful + its helping me understand things by being able to do them in real time. Might not be for all but if you are trying to learn more about coding, depending what your learning, this site may be able to help. http://www.codecademy.com/ Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
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