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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm encountering quite unusual issue with CPU consumption for a while now. In my venture to make the code less aggressive, I did literally everything I could thought off, but as it seems to no avail. I did a few additional patches and went to checking the bot's running process in the uBOT Studio software and thought I've resolved the issue given that uBOT was consuming up to 10% of CPU max. but usually it maintains just a few percent of CPU like 3-5%. When I proceeded to compile the same and run as a standalone BOT, the CPU consumption went up and kept it constantly ove
  2. I had a break with Ubot and now I am kinda stuck. I created a list from file, every item is in a new line, but ubot loads it as a one item ? What's wrong ? add item to list(%name,$list from file("C:\\Users\\name\\Desktop\\Folders\\BOT\\Tekst\\tekst ct1.txt"),"Don\'t Delete","Global")
  3. Hi, I need to have my shared browser constantly open. I can't use wait or pause script, because bot will still run in the main window. Also, i can't switch browser, I mean - i can't scrape in main borwser and then navigate in shared, because scraped links won't open there properly. Maybe I can use thread command? But will it share cookies? If not "list.com" will not count my actions on scraped sites. set set navigate to : google.pl in shared browser: ------------------------------------------------- navigate to : list.com login scrape1 scrape2 ---------------------------------------------
  4. hi Instagram is not loading in ubot! What is the problem ??? please test :navigate("https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/", "Wait")
  5. Hello botters, I came across this morning that Pinterest no longer works with Chrome 21. Does anybody have experienced the same? This notification comes up upon logging in.. http://image.prntscr.com/image/1c2a10eb47814b929f13971ed16144a2.png I tried with each browser inbuilt, custom strings supporting newest browsers, Android/iPhone and crawler user agents, but to no avail.. In Chrome 49 with latest version of uBOT it works just fine. Is there any possible workaround, or I guess it's over and I need to switch to buggy Chrome 49? Thanks ahead!
  6. The last weeks i often have problems starting ubot studio because their servers are offline. So it is unable to connect to license server... the website is offline too. Like just in this moment.... So i am unable to use the program... and this happens WAY to often :-( Do you have the same problems?
  7. Guys one of my clients reported that this happens sometimes when he opens one of my bots,it usually works fine but sometimes this shows Up. Now it doesn't matter who i just wanted to ask you guys do you have this issue i also noticed that this started happening when my ubot Subscription expired (Somewhere around that time). I have many plugins but it used to work fine with all of them so what is the catch here? Did anyone encountered this and is there a solution? http://screencast.com/t/Srvlf6z55hm You see my bots have interface and a nice look but sometimes that "Look" Doesn't L
  8. Hey guys, Anyone having same problems with mine? I'm creating youtube account creator bot. I cannot get account data to random (Quite big problem for me), and when i use prompt command to receive data input from user the prompt window is not pop up. These problems only found in compiled bot only. It's working fine if i run the code directly on Ubot. I'm using Ubot 5 Professional Edition. Anyone have any solution? Thank you in advance. Here is pictures: Prompt is working fine when run on Ubot 5 Project file. http://i.imgur.com/IFJAVDU.jpg Prompt window is not pop up when run
  9. Hi all! so im having a bit of a problem with this Captcha im trying to crack. I've tried the u bot Captcha field, no problem everything works fine. so here is the Captcha code im trying to get. <img style="display:block;" alt="reCAPTCHA challenge image" height="57" width="300" src="http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/image?c=03AHJ_VuvH6bVbJoe6cEgchiUXthABLQz2HtNxuqI1Wwv8h4kzIpbNfTLTR1Pcla8hn-9Q4A1Wk2tt5f7racJ1Enr8kSFjWygrMLVYeTi0FQ_moU-D9m7msUPv3_YErrhcX05gYaJrw4IqgAvm9SQAlD2LXkqCjI2HGAqKsWzaSH-YD_dTywJDXFI"> It will work the first time but never the second. thanks fo
  10. hello, im having this problem, a i have created 2 lists of information (more on the way), i want to add to table as separate columns. the only problem is, when i set first "add list to table as column" coordinates to row 0 column 0, and second "add list to table as column" coordinates to row 0 column 1, it just ignores the coordinates and put everything in one column, separated with comma. its bothering me a lot because it is really important for me to have this in order. thank you very much for any help. i have standard edition version 4.1 up to date.
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